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Researchers from Olomouc have developed a "noise" that cleans contaminated water

Researchers from Olomouc have developed a “noise” that cleans contaminated water

The tablets have iron nanoparticles fixed in them. However, once they enter the water, they quickly diffuse in a large volume of aqueous environment. Meanwhile, the effervescent mixtures of acids and hydroxides in the tablets quickly activate the nanoparticles and thus allow a very fast reaction between their surface And pollutants, ” summarized lead author of the patent Ilene Petala of the Czech Institute for Research and Advanced Technologies (CATRIN) at the University of Olomouc.

Industrial or military accident

The project focused on applied research and the use of technologies with highly reactive nanomaterials for effective disinfection of hazardous chemicals, including chemical warfare agents leaking, for example, in industrial or military accidents.

According to the authors of the patent, Jean Philippe, the focus of the project was to make new nanotechnologies work quickly and efficiently. According to him, this is the only way to reduce the threat to water resources and people and prevent the further spread of dangerous chemicals into the environment.

“Without a doubt, we have fulfilled these requirements. Our solution is easy, fast and relatively inexpensive, as it is not necessary to use a large amount of iron nanoparticles or other agents to purify the water,” he added.

Even for cleaning wells or swimming pools

According to scientists, tablets can also be used to clean contaminated wells during floods, as well as swimming pools or surface water during environmental accidents.

The material was created as part of the Security Research Program of the Czech Republic, which was funded by the Ministry of the Interior. Researchers from Palack University collaborated on this with Dekonta and with the Military Research Institute in Brno.