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Researchers have developed a washable disk with Vda water-based iron nanostructures

Olomouc Olomouc researchers have developed a special washable tablet that can clean polluted water in record time. The preparation on the basis of iron nanoparticles is mainly aimed at eliminating environmental accidents; From the aquatic environment it can quickly remove, for example, an esteem of chromium, arsenic, herbicides, pesticides and other substances.

The tablets were developed by scientists from the Czech Institute for Research and Advanced Technology (CATRIN) at Palacky University. As a result of their research, it became protected by a European patent, as Catherine Martina Aradinov reported.

The tablets contain iron nanostanate fixed in them. However, once in the water, it quickly dispersed into a large volume from the medium of the water. The tablets contain a mixture of acids and hydroxides, which cause art, and at the same time the nanoparticles activate very quickly, thus allowing a very rapid reaction between their surface and the contaminants, says lead author of the patent, Eleni Petala.

The work of the Olomouc experts was part of the Security Research Program of the Czech Republic, which was funded by the Ministry of the Interior. Scholars from Palacky University collaborated with Dekonta and State Military Research on his behalf. The project focused on applied research and implementation of technologies using the latest highly reactive nanomaterials to remove contamination from hazardous chemicals, for example, in industrial and military shelters, added CATRIN talk.

According to Jan Filip, the author of the patent, the main focus of the project was the rapid introduction of nanotechnologies and the high efficiency of the intervention, in order to reduce the threat to water resources and the population and prevent further hazardous hazards of chemicals into the environment. We have undoubtedly fulfilled these requirements. Philip added that our solution is easy, fast and relatively inexpensive, or that it is not necessary to apply a large amount of nanoscale iron or other reagents to high water.

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The result of the work has been protected since April by a European patent on the method of creating and using the product to achieve a very high rate. According to representatives of CATRIN, this was confirmed mainly while underestimating chromium, and its nobility could be threatened, for example, from galvanic plants, but also on a wide range of other inorganic substances, pesticides and herbicides. According to them, the tablets can be used, for example, in heavy wells that are contaminated during floods, and in swimming pools and surface waters during environmental accidents, she said.