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الأشخاص الذين يدعون سماع صوت الموتى لديهم قابلية كبيرة للهلوسة

Researchers reveal the reason for “hearing” the voices of the dead

Researchers have found that some people hear the voices of the dead.Scientific warning“.

The researchers concluded that a person is more likely to hear the voices of the dead.

The site said that those who pretend to listen to the dead will be immersed in the tasks they undertake and that they will have unusual hearing experiences in childhood.

According to the site, people who claim to hear the voices of the dead will experience hallucinations.

Researchers say the findings could help a better understanding of the confusing auditory hallucinations that come with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

Researchers want to better understand why some people with hearing loss experience a spiritual experience, while others find it too distressing to receive a psychiatric diagnosis.

Peter Mosley, a psychologist at the University of Northumbria in the UK, told Science Alert, “Spiritualists tend to report unusually positive aural experiences early in life and they can often control.”

Mosley and fellow psychologist Adam Powell, from the University of Durham in the UK, appointed and examined 65 “clear” mediators from the UK National Spiritualists’ Association and 143 members of the general public recruited through social media. The general public who do not (usually) report hearing the voices of the dead.

Overall, 44.6 percent of spiritualists reported hearing daily voices, and 79 percent said experiences were a part of their daily lives. While most said they heard the voice inside their head, 31.7 percent said the voice was outside as well.

The results of the survey were surprising.

Compared to the general public, animists report a significantly higher level of belief in supernatural phenomena and are less likely to pay attention to what others believe about them.

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According to the website, spiritualists typically had their first hearing experience as young as 21.7 years old, and reported higher levels of absorption. It is the term used to describe the complete immersion in mental functions and activities.

They reported that they were more likely to experience hallucinations, while the general model showed greater absorption with confidence in the occult, but was less or less susceptible to auditory hallucinations.

These findings suggest that the experience of “voices of the dead” may not be the result of peer pressure, a positive social context, or the suggestion of occult beliefs. Rather, these individuals embrace spirituality because it is consistent with their experience and makes sense to them personally.