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Researchers study the impact of permaculture on birds in and around Prague Vda

Prague In hundreds of hectares of land owned by the capital, Prague, researchers are studying the effect of change in farms on the condition of birds. The team watches the birds in the fields where the farm is managed sustainably even in areas where it is traditionally purchased.

Opaten was introduced last year. esk společnost ornitologick (SO) reported the research in the press first. Experts from SO, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AV) and the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (ZU) are collaborating on this.

Last spring, Prague launched a sustainable management pilot project, offering for rent 398 hectares of its farmland. As conditions, the city specified, for example, the change of land masses to a maximum of five hectares and their distribution by boundaries. Then the borders should be grassy or planted with trees and shrubs, and the fields should be covered with vegetation as long as possible. Other requirements include growing crops and destroying pesticides and fertilizers.

The city promises of changes that the second well will be sold in the field, which will push intensive agriculture out of the field. Initially on mapping the impact of the new measures, he focused on a research team wondering if the species composition and number of birds would change. According to ornithologist Peter Focke, the duty is to recommend the correct method of cultivation, if it turns out to be necessary.

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The lifetime of TK is that the survey covers the entire area identified for environmental actions. Last year, we received a field map from the master’s office. It is long in all of those areas. Some halves did not go into the project, because the land was changing, I think due to the construction of the subway. But we ignore this and paint it all we agreed, said the scientist, saying that the white control area is about the same size.

stn help app

Set bird states with the help of the app itself. Watch the birds in the spring, in the nesting season, even in the winter, when in normal conditions birds should find food in the fields to help them acclimatize to this period. Last year, prior to the project, during the nest period, scientists consumed a total of 55 species and 667 individual birds in both types of areas. He said the data from this winter has yet to be evaluated. The research project is currently being negotiated by the end of this year, and according to the ornithologist, the bag will definitely be extended.

Of course, it is necessary to give the observation room a significant amount of time, what actions will be taken. In the past year, too, he said, we’ll see some impact. Plus, this spring is very specific, because it’s cold, so it also showers me with these results. Urit, we will negotiate with the master to trace for a long time. This, he added, is also in their meaning, because in such a short time the time for Sunday’s assessment will come.

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