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طريقة اعادة تعيين أزرار ذراع تحكم بلاي ستيشن 5

Reset buttons for playstation 5 controller

Sony introduced the PlayStation 5 controller with a different design, which made it the best controller from Sony.

And if you are an Xbox user, you must notice the difference between the arrangement of the buttons of the Xbox controller and the PlayStation 5.

Change the order of buttons on the PlayStation 5 controller تحكم

This method helps you improve your use of the joystick and bring it closer to the position you were used to on your old device.

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You can change the order of the buttons by following the steps below.

Head to PlayStation 5 Settings, then choose Enhanced Access Settings.

After that, go to the list of control levers on the device and choose Customize button arrangement and activate the selection from within.

When the shape of the joystick appears on the screen, press the button on the arm to change its function and make it different.

How to reset the playstation 5 controller buttons

But you will not be able to add new functions to the buttons, as each button has a link to a previous function and all you can do is rearrange these functions.

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And you can return to the default position for the arrangement of the joystick buttons at any time you want by pressing the reset button at the bottom of the screen.

The most important features of the new joystick

Sony has started its advertising campaign about the new PlayStation 5 by revealing new control arm, because it has evolved a lot from before.

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Sony also used a new design for the shape and colors of the arm, as the arm combines black and white to resemble the design of the PlayStation 5.

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Sony has relied on new materials to design the arm, and these materials are abundant in the buttons, which have become shiny and also come in white.

Sony has also put some artistic touches on the blank areas of the buttons in the body of the arm, where the white area comes decorated with the distinctive Sony markings.

Sony added a new engine to transmit vibrations from within the game to varying degrees commensurate with what is happening inside.

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It also used a new technology with the trigger buttons located at the bottom of the joystick, as they respond differently to the force of the press.

Sony has developed a larger battery to increase the operating time of the arm, in addition to changing the charging port to USB C.

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