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Resident Evil allegedly steals other artists’ work, creators face lawsuit

Resident Evil Village
| picture: Capcom

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the fact that video game developers are inspired by famous films or books, but the practices of the developers of the Resident Evil series, according to many, is pure theft.

Director Richard Ravorst was the first to speak, as one of the monsters from the final episode of Village (Our reconsidering) looks exactly like what he designed for his older movie Frankenstein’s Army. The talented artist regrets that the game’s creators didn’t even ask him if they could use it, let alone mention it at least in the headlines.

American photographer Judy Jurasikova takes Capcom straight to court. During many games in the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series, developers misused at least eighty of its films, which it released as part of Surfaces as early as 1996. It also included a CD with many detailed shots of different surfaces and materials, The graphics of the Japanese game giant had a lot of temptation to make the work of creating textures easier.

Photos from Judy A. Jurasikova's lawsuit on Capcom

Juraceková has a lawsuit (for inspection Here) backed up by dozens of comparison images, the developers allegedly didn’t bother to rename the source file in at least one instance. He is asking for twelve million dollars for the unauthorized use of his work. Capcom has not yet officially commented on the lawsuit.

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