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Resolutely follow the path of EU-China relations - Chinese portal in your language

Resolutely follow the path of EU-China relations – Chinese portal in your language

Chinese President Xi Jinping hosted a video summit on July 5 in Beijing with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This is the second video summit organized by the leaders of these three countries in three months. It is clear that China and the EU attach great importance to bilateral relations and are ready to strengthen dialogue and cooperation.

China and the European Union are important poles of the international system and there is no major conflict of interest between them. But in recent years, some people in Europe have pursued some policies in the United States to attack China on issues related to Hong Kong and Xinjiang (Xinjiang), obstruct the progress of the Sino-European Investment Agreement, and resist China’s development. Relationships -EU.

“China and Europe work together on the principle of mutual respect and search for a common language, while striving to reduce differences. The two sides’ comprehensive strategic partnership is the greatest common factor.” Xi Jinping’s view pointed to China and Europe on how to eliminate disruption and maintain development. He put forward four proposals, including upholding good mutual understanding, expanding mutually beneficial cooperation, maintaining true multilateralism, and building an overall stable and balanced relationship between major countries. It is not only a valuable experience in the development of China-EU relations, but also reflects China’s deep view of China-EU relations in the changing situation of the century and paves the way for China and Europe to address differences and rationality. Expand compatibility and collaboration.

China has always supported the European integration process. Likewise, China’s political system and development path should be respected and understood by the European side. “Over the past 100 years, the Communist Party of China has united and led the Chinese people to open a development path in line with Chinese national conditions and widely supported by the people.” replace others. “It is a clear explanation of China’s development path and goals. Understanding this information will help the European side reduce misunderstandings and misconceptions about developments in China and enhance political mutual trust between China and the EU.”

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The Chinese side expressed its willingness to hold the 23rd China-EU Summit with the European side as soon as possible in order to successfully conduct high-level dialogue in the fields of strategy, economy, trade, culture, digital technologies and climate. In the case of epidemic prevention and control of COVID-19, employee access is constantly being improved. The aim of these initiatives is not only to give a new impetus to bilateral cooperation, but also to provide more programs to combat the epidemic worldwide and support development.

From an international perspective, China stresses that “an international order with the core of the United Nations and the basic standards of international relations should be maintained on the basis of the United Nations Charter” and “international issues should be addressed through peace consultations”. He hopes that the European side will increase its support and assistance to Africa in the areas of vaccine supply, debt response and economic recovery. We welcome France and Germany to join the Africa Development Initiative Partnership launched by China and Africa. This indicates true pluralism.

The German chancellor and the French president reacted positively to the Chinese proposal. “There is a great deal of consensus between Europe and China and there are many areas of cooperation, so we must respect each other and reduce differences by strengthening dialogue,” Merkel said, supporting the 23rd EU-China Summit as soon as possible and hoping that the EU-China investment agreement And China will be approved as soon as possible. Macron also supports the conclusion of an investment agreement between the European Union and China, and is ready to strengthen communication and coordination with China on climate change and other issues.

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As the two major powers in the European Union, the above statements from the German Chancellor and the French President represent a rational and pragmatic voice in the European Union. The key to the next step is to translate these statements into a broader consensus within the EU to ensure that China’s cooperation with the EU is heading in the right direction.

At present, the global epidemic situation is still bleak and the prospects for economic recovery are still unclear. More than ever, the world needs mutual respect and sincere cooperation, rather than suspicion, confrontation and zero-sum game. As the world’s two major powers, two major markets and two major civilizations, China-EU bilateral cooperation is more global and strategic.

China hopes that Europe seeking strategic independence will extract the greatest common factor with China, focus on cooperation, properly handle differences, help meet global challenges, and set an example to promote true multilateralism. (All)