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Responsible and modern..Innovation is a mainstay at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center

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Innovation is one of the most important pillars on which the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center has been built, since the moment of its establishment. It has been undertaken by mankind before, and it represents its ambitions to explore the universe and try to discover its secrets and dive into its depths.

The establishment of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center was one of the outcomes of the strategic initiative aimed at supporting scientific innovation and technical progress and advancing sustainable development in the United Arab Emirates. When His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched his God, the National Innovation Strategy in October of 2014, the first objective of which was to stimulate innovation in seven main national sectors, namely space, renewable energy, transportation, health, education, technology and water, for the purpose of securing a prominent position for the United Arab Emirates among the countries The most innovative in the world.

The National Innovation Strategy was the first catalyst for our center’s directions, from which we derived our vision, inspired us to formulate our message, and set our future goals, to be one of the first contributors to achieving the aspirations of our wise leadership, and meeting the aspirations of the people of the country to enter the space sector with confidence and reassurance, and a true translation of the saying of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him: “Innovation today is institutional work, national policies, specialized cadres, and a society whose sectors all work to explore new and different ways of doing business.”

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Our pride in our ability to be in line with the national innovation strategy with its multiple tracks is indescribable. The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center was able to establish a stimulating environment for innovation, through continuous focus on developing innovation, cooperating with the private sector to achieve more achievements, and working to build individuals with skills High in innovation, conducting research and adopting the latest technology in the field of space exploration, and benefiting from it in the development of communications and satellite technologies. Not only that, but the focus will be on researching the transfer of space technology for terrestrial uses through specialized institutions in the country, so that the space sector will be one of the new sectors in the national economy.

When reviewing the huge number of initiatives that we launched, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center has become one of the most prominent incubators of innovation in the country, especially as we contribute to building national capabilities specialized in this field, and open our doors to emerging companies, national talents and Emirati entrepreneurs from the private sector. In addition, we are keen to build global partnerships in the fields of space research, through solid relationships through which we look forward to exchanging knowledge and innovation, as an active and influential party in the advancement of the sector and spreading its benefits to all mankind.

The center’s message was very clearly manifested in the mission of implementing the “Probe of Hope” project, which was launched from Emirati innovations in cooperation with our partners whose plans intersect with our ambitions. Today, we prove to the whole world that we are embarking on a mission aimed at globalizing space innovations to advance technical development in various areas of life, and to ensure that current and future generations are provided with the latest cosmic information.

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We at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center take innovation as an endless journey, based on our firm belief that excellence requires determination and persistent perseverance, and it is enough for us in the United Arab Emirates that we have taken the initiative in our Arab surroundings to provide innovation stimuli for the youth of our nation to join us in our approach To resume our civilization from the land of our country that attracts talents and sponsors talents. Hence the launch of the UAE Astronaut Program, which aims to train and prepare a team of Emirati astronauts and send them into space to carry out various scientific missions.

Despite the relatively recent era of the center, our innovations have been the focus of attention of international space agencies, which are now welcoming us to promote constructive cooperation relations. From our pioneering satellite system to our most ambitious project, “Mars 2117”, which aims to prepare Emirati generations with a passion for scientific exploration, and to benefit from scientific experiences to address the challenges of food, water and energy security on the planet, we promise our leadership and the people of the UAE and the Arab nation that we will continue the march To present achievements that raise our standing among the people, by revealing more innovations that will astonish the world.

After we celebrated the golden jubilee of our union with the arrival of the Hope probe into its orbit around the red planet, our eyes remain on the next fifty years to write achievements that keep pace with our ambitious plans. We know that we have to think and plan outside the box, and be innovative in every step we take towards the future.

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* Director General – Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center