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Retail Summit: The store did not return to the country before Covid

Czechs love loyalty programs

Nicole Hanish, Member of the Board of Directors Rheingold Institute Cologne, a Sebastian Knapp, Regional Sales Manager for Eastern Europe TCC Global, Submit a search for Czech shopping culture and loyalty. The research originated at the beginning of the epidemic and described two types of clients. Someone who saves and lives simply based on classic values ​​and within the family. The second is the search for a Western lifestyle, personal freedom, and is primarily concerned with his own interests.

The study also splits Czech customers by age, the older generation belongs more to the first group, buys at a discount and only monitors the meat content. The younger generation, on the other hand, prefers quality over quantity, buys smaller quantities more often and usually buys at discounts only if there is some inspiration. She is mainly interested in fresh and healthy food. But personal freedom is important to everyone, which is considered one of the most important values, the Czechs do not take it for granted and defend it.

Four different chains were also selected in the study as representatives of customer groups. to me Kauflando It is allegedly aimed at customers who like to look for discounts and bargains. Albert It is visited by customers who are shopping for a normal family life. to me tisca Pragmatists, rational businessmen and Bella It represents a kind of western style with exclusive promotions, and it is not for everyone.

When buying food, the Czechs still use it loyalty campaigns. They love them, but feel cheated if they have no rewards left. Loyalty programs are tailored to chains, and several trends are emerging. The successful program must be exclusive and have an original design. It should at least be fun, offer surprises, games, etc. “Try to make the campaign fun, it’s often not a product, but a way to get it, what people enjoy,” adds Nicole Hanish. Consumers value not only things but also experiences, and it is good that the retailer also cares about the local community and tries to help.

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