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Reuters: Military escalation in Hodeidah in light of the redeployment of forces loyal to the Yemeni government

AP Nariman El-Mofty

Reuters reported that the coastal governorate of Hodeidah in western Yemen is witnessing a military escalation between the internationally recognized government forces backed by the Arab coalition on one side and the Houthi group on the other.

Today, Sunday, the agency quoted military sources and eyewitnesses as confirming that clashes erupted in the south of the city of Hodeidah in the late hours of yesterday, after Houthi forces advanced to an area from which Yemeni forces loyal to the coalition withdrew.

Two military sources and local residents told the agency that the coalition warplanes launched raids on the Faza district, south of Hodeidah, while clashes continued between the Houthis and Yemeni forces loyal to the coalition and backed by the UAE until midnight last night.

Al-Faza is located 15 kilometers from the Al-Khokha district, which is controlled by the coalition, and hundreds of Yemenis fled to it after the Houthi advance.

These developments come in light of the “Giant Forces” loyal to the internationally recognized government and the coalition issuing a statement last Friday in which it announced its withdrawal from sites in the vicinity of the port of Hodeidah, describing this as a “redeployment.”

For its part, the joint committee in charge of implementing the “Sweden Agreement” on the situation in Hodeidah Governorate announced that this redeployment of forces comes without coordination with it.

The UN mission supervising the implementation of the Hodeidah agreement urged the two sides yesterday to ensure the safety of civilians.

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Source: “Reuters”