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Revealing the circumstances of the appearance of what looks like a French flag in the hands of students in an Egyptian school



The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Damietta Governorate, Adel Othman, accused social networking sites of fabricating a crisis, revealing the circumstances of the incident circulating about raising the French flag in a school in the region.

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Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper quoted Othman as confirming that “the incident was referred to the investigation as soon as it was raised, and 4 officials are under investigation, noting that the administration of the new El Mina School offered an immediate apology for the unintended mistake.”

The deputy director of Wara Education in Damietta Governorate said that “the school administration asked the students to make flags to celebrate the start of the new school year and the glorious October victories, but a group of students made the flag the wrong way in a horizontal position.”

Othman said in this regard, “The error was not intentional on the part of the students, and photographing the flag with the mobile phone with sunlight made the black color appear blue, which gave a false impression of what was circulated on social media, contrary to the truth.”

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Source: the seventh day