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Revealing why some people are addicted to chocolate

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Researchers from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom have revealed that the reason many people are addicted to chocolate is that not only does its taste excite our senses, but the smooth texture plays a large part in making us eat more. That’s according to the “Science Alert” website.

The combination of cocoa, sugar and fat is what makes us addicted to eating chocolate, but these ingredients have their own health drawbacks, researchers said.

The scientists tested the three-dimensional artificial tongue on a fine chocolate bar while the robot mouth part was fed to four different samples of dark chocolate.

The researchers found that the fat on the outside of the chocolate melts better on the tongue, and if the same applies to the human mouth, the fat hidden in the body of the chocolate bar may not touch the tongue much before mixing. Saliva and slides down the throat.

The tongue was also tested on chocolate bars with four different combinations of fat, sugar and cocoa, and the cocoa content ranged from 70 to 99%. In the end, the high-fat chocolate bars stuck to the tongue more easily.

Also, when greasy chocolate sticks to the tongue, it releases cocoa particles directly against the tongue’s taste buds.

Since the fat surrounding the chocolate bar is high, it can stick to the tongue and inner cheek.

Nutritionist Anwesha Sarkar said: “If the chocolate has 5% fat or 50% fat, it will create a mouthful and this will make you feel the taste of the chocolate, which will increase the taste.”

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