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Reviews: In Hobo: Tough Life you are without it. If you don’t care, you’ll want to

Let’s think we have life. Long-term pensions are always a hit, we’re standing under our low pressure. But then we sit at the TV or a potai pot, basking in the most warmth and soaking in our comfy beds. There are only phenomena that roam the city streets unnoticed, often hungry and frozen to the bone. Bezka’s life isn’t pretty and the game from Czech studio Perun Creative will savor this life in a grateful way.

Braslav, Florida State University

Completely in Praslav, children’s strings fall to the muddy ground, clapping to the beat. It’s a day like Kad Jin, she says. It just doesn’t have to be awake with a TV set in the mud and a hangover like a transmission. And the fact that you don’t even remember who you are is just a little bit of alcohol on the cake. Sure, depending on your childhood status and the scent, you are affectionate and pedelho veera you combined it as Dn.

Get close to where you made a makeshift nest in alcohol while drunk, and your Majsner personal thumb has his own personal thumbs up. He does not read to colleagues on difficult and useful advice at least. It guides you to your own one-hour-long epic. And if it’s a great adventure, know the edges after a few minutes.

Years ago, I wrote my first impressions of Hobo: Tough Life. The game was on top of neuesan and okliv and with minimal content. The power of the high voltage was huge. Ei can only make simulator homeless and only echm can do it right. What looked like a usher in the front end paid off. It is not a pretty claw, but it is a well-groomed rat. From Hobo: Tough Life pna, padu, and depression can be seen from someone close. However, at the same time, I don’t want my black and often sarcastic point of view and embarrassment of the homeless from the necessary perspective, otherwise it will be in the back.

Karl Ibrek kept calm and mister

Braslav, inspired by Prague and other big cities in the homeland, is a city in the city. The two entered peacefully between the homeless and the master. He was arrested by Karl Ibrek. Only the homeless people here began to decline and the tradition disappeared. Various clans began to fight against reindeer and cause mayhem. But this year, the tradition must be upended. The new king can sit on the trash fork and restore harmony. Even though Braslav is full of strange existence, you know as a homeless person that you don’t belong to him and that you are cute. Residents will show you this. But the homeless don’t have to be cursed, there is a lot to learn.

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In bnch RPGs, you level things like skill with weapons, stamina, and spells. In Hobo: Tough Life, this, for example, is the ability to crawl litter, ebrn, orkaen, or lmn zmk. You can improve and improve all abilities and learn the advantages of pidruen. There are a number of homeless specialties. Take a look at the best you can and go sell again. Or, he becomes afraid of kadho zmku as a master thief. Do you want t vc by the rules? Advertisement prce m dvee stle open. It stinks, but you are not, not even the canal or the streets of brothels.

The Unconfirmed and Best-Paid Job is at the Call Center. If you get to order food, you can go on to a great career in the culinary field. But you do not force anything to follow the path of honesty, and like the path of a saint who is not sanctified, the path of an old partridge enjoys me. Theft of a house, car, or crowded person is an easy way to retire. Pay attention, even a small variety will get somewhere and into the dungeon, rest and prosperity, it will go there and not on the street.

Stinking and Hunger in Braslav

It was the first day in my eyes. I looked around the city with my sword. I fell into the first trash and immediately pulled out a few luxurious spoons, like torn clothes, a broken lamp, and a tray. Equipped with first-class treasures, I intended to disturb pedestrians with the enthusiasm and self-confidence of the homeless on the main road. But my fingers were so clumsy, the police noticed me trying to squeeze my pocket. After a few minutes, I am fed a broken morel from my dungeon.

Hobo: A Difficult Life

Hobo: A Difficult Life

Hobo: A Difficult Life

Hobo: A Difficult Life

Of course there, the broken lamp suddenly did not look like this hunter. Zalo Brett and Mender soaked my bones. Among other things, he began to eat, was sick. The combination of alcohol and antibiotics was not positive, and from a mild cold, it quickly escalated into illness. To make matters worse, the awake homeless man began to turn around. The trash cans didn’t celebrate the extraordinary shower and caused an accident in the pants. Smradlav, bromo, gloomy and dying met Braslav for charity. Not far from him, grabbed a crook, but I just smelled such a scent, he left EMS not a hundred in his pocket.

I knocked on the door of the charity with a question of strength, but good sister Anika M. quickly filled with darkness that I didn’t like. I thought for a while if I might take the dog, but eventually I went into town to die before the astronomical clock. This scene was repeated daily in various forms.

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Hobo: Life Is A Little Hard Bebo By Tamaguchi. If you don’t worry about your houmlesa, it will spread. He needs to eat, sleep, change, and stay happy and healthy. The difficulty difficulty is very high. The game is great at times. Only frustration and ruin is slaw. Added value is a measure of realism. The authors researched the issue of homelessness and, after all, also focused on external research and academic studies. There is authentic slang for the homeless as well as cultural references and Easter eggs.

After each death, everyone is reborn, all things are lost and the character’s stats change permanently with 5 points. But experience and progress will remain. Even the items are not completely lost, for a small fee they can be purchased from Majsner again. You will die a lot, you will not die of death, but the life of the homeless of Nin. You will feel despondent when you vainly ask to go into the store, buy soap for washing, knock in the cold, and take out your precious treasures, so that you can at least return to the frozen seats for the night and warm yourself low. Home quality stored in alcohol.

With every passing day in Braslav there will be an “H” but even at the end of that storm, there is no light. There are so many good people in the world who will help you. But also the disruptive elements that you want to remove. If you do not want to lose your pension, you will not avoid quarrels.

With a growing arena that you will build full of tours of specific people and entire groups, possibilities for interaction will open up for you. Even other homeless people have introduced characters to become your very own island of hope. They provide mental and physical support and even share some wisdom with a new feature, a new recipe for crafting or improving your current skills. At the entrance, he worked as a teacher of Master Street wisdom, walking in a caravan. So he takes on the other non-playable characters and the Master is just a wise man.

The apartment that you will build on one of the cities of Braslav will also become a great support. From the food brought, make the homeless hotel sn. If you can remember it, the darker level is better and the rewards are better if you spent the night there. You would be invaluable to such a business ability. In the apartment, you will be able to craft equipment, weapons, sophisticated furniture, or even the fists on the menu.

Frustrujc bloudn concurrent

I was disappointed by a bit of the game’s design. In some ways, I’m writing about the immersion in the mini-game, which defines impulsivity in various actions. It’s Hell, but it makes sense. Hobo: But a tough life is frustrating even in places you shouldn’t be. The game is all about getting around. The map, even the detailed one that can be purchased, is so clear that quests get cluttered along the perimeter of a few blocks and click on any conceivable door not described in any way. The game did not even find an approximate stop.

There are no transitions or labels. If the notes go at least directly to the map or get a detailed description of the city, then where should you go from the mission sponsor. But no, you have to swim and go to the sea and hope Konin will hit the city. You will be taken immediately to another specified location for a short time. It’s not ridiculous and pbhov lines are very mired.

Lattice garbage

After the graphics page, the game is sticking. Even if it’s not the bottom of the saga, you can watch the game. The user interface has nineteen strong impressions and the atmosphere of the whole game in the wild ’90s, when nobody messed with you. Connect with TM and audio. Hobo: Tough Life is a dubbing buy, just a slight freeze, various sighs, and hkn. A lot of work has been done on the bugs, but there is not enough underneath. The improvement could definitely be better.

Multiplayer fans will surely know that the game also supports multi-game cooperative play. You can fall into traps homeless people and in these people. After fulfilling certain challenges, they will unlock you and give you an alert presence in which you can fight on the street, with your own set of positives and negatives. Special expert version of the game is prepared with lots of useful things.

Buckle up easily and quickly

Hobo: Tough Life is original and controversial, yet smart. Since the 1990s, she has faced relentless difficulty and reluctance to help in any way. This leads to frustration even in the wrong places. The game probably addresses the Czech audience for very good reasons, due to its rudeness and vulgarity. This is the only basically serious point, which is trying to bring people back to life on the street in a virtual way. It is a unique investigation into the lives of those involved. It works as a hacka humor and as a hardcore survival. It would be a shame to miss him.