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Revolut collection account with Raiffeisenbank expires.  PAYMENTS ONLY AS A SEPA

Revolut collection account with Raiffeisenbank expires. PAYMENTS ONLY AS A SEPA

From mid June 2020 Your account with a Lithuanian payment institution was enabled Revolution Recharge through a collection account in Czech Raiffeisenbank. The advantage was the possibility to send/deposit koruna payments for free or at a very cheap rate.

Revolut collection account with Raiffeisenbank has a number 5170013317/5500, the funds in your Revolut account were then marked with a variable code or beneficiary note, in both cases your Revolut user number was indicated. During the working day, until about 5pm, it took a minute to top up the account, after which the money was deposited the next day.

Author: Dalibor Z. Chvátal

Payments to Revolut can be made through a Raiffeisenbank collection account. (June 17, 2020)

And this service Expires on January 31, 2022. Revolut has informed its clients by email. This means that the last day you can send or deposit money this way is 30. 1. 2022 to 23:59. , it is likely that it will be returned to the sender of the payment.

As for banking secrecy, we will not comment on this matter. She said when I asked her the bag Petra Kubica, a spokesperson for Raiffeisenbank. Unfortunately, as of January 31, we can no longer provide local IBAN numbers to our customers in the Czech Republic. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who recharge their Revolut accounts via bank transfer. To avoid the risk of banks charging them extra fees, customers are recommended to top up their Revolut accounts with debit cards. We are studying different ways to re-enter Czech IBAN numbers in the future, Wrote a question to Měška Stefan BojokiRevolutu, Senior Communications Director.

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According to unofficial information, the reason may be the planned change in the Revolut application and the incompatibility of the existing technical solution for collection accounts.

Existing customers will have three more options for sending money to Revolut as of January 31, 2022:

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  • Pay a SEPA/foreigner to an account with a Lithuanian IBAN. In the case of payment in krona, prepare for a fee of 100-300 CZK for a single payment collected from the sender of the payment. Payments in euros are either free or for a few crowns.
  • Recharge using MasterCard or Visa. (0, – CZK)
  • Transfer money from another user. (0, – CZK)

In the Czech Republic, Revolut has more than 300,000 customers and operates as an entity with many entities. Czech customers have a contract with a Lithuanian payment institution (unsecured deposits), some can open a sub-account with Lithuanian Revolut Bank (secured deposits) and investment issues are handled directly by the British Revolution.

Revolut is a fintech startup that has gained more investors for its development. But it’s not amazing and great. It also has many drawbacks that it can sometimes do They lift their customers off the chair.