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“Revolutionaries of the East” close the oil pipeline feeding Khartoum

Informing the Supreme Council for Beja Opticals and Independent Verticals Facebook

Protesters in eastern Sudan

The Supreme Council of Beja Opticals and Independent Amaudiyas in eastern Sudan announced that the “Revolutionaries of the East” had closed the gasoline transmission line from Haya to the capital, Khartoum, “in implementation of its directives.”

This comes after pro-Council protesters closed in the previous days the airport of Port Sudan, the capital of the Red Sea State, in addition to Port Sudan port, railways and main roads, in an attempt to pressure the central government to achieve its political demands.

The Rapporteur of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals and Independent Ambulances, Abdullah Obshar, said that “the government is provoking the citizens of the East, so it is taking escalatory steps”, including the closure of the railways.

Obshar said in a statement to the “Al-Sudani” website, that the Minister of Oil “considered that the closure of the railways will not affect the transportation of oil from Port Sudan, and this is a provocative matter,” and added: “The minister does not transfer oil by Bluetooth or WhatsApp, and we will not open the railway,” referring to The coming days will witness escalating steps.

For his part, the leader of the council, Mehmet Oshik, told Anadolu Agency, “We have other escalatory steps that include internet and communications cables in the Red Sea, as long as there are no initiatives for a solution by the government.”

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Sudan.. Protesters close Port Sudan airport in the east of the country

According to the Sudan Tribune, neither the authorities of the federal government nor the governments of the eastern states (Red Sea, Kassala and Gedaref) have so far interfered in these events, in light of leaks that speak of the military component’s refusal to deal with the closure of national roads as it comes in the context of political demands.

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It is noteworthy that the Supreme Council of Beja glasses represents the civil leaders who are calling on the Sudanese government to cancel the Juba Peace Agreement that was reached in October 2020 between Khartoum and the rebel groups.

The tribal council is protesting against the “East track” within the peace agreement signed in Juba, as it complains about the marginalization of the eastern regions, and demands the abolition of the track and the establishment of a national conference for eastern issues, which will result in the approval of development projects in it.

Source: Sudanese media + “Anadolu Agency”