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Rich Russian boats flee to the Maldives from sanctions

Rich Russian boats flee to the Maldives from sanctions

Ships owned by the Russian “OliCorch” move from one port to another, avoiding US and European barriers, while being monitored by security services.

Their boats, which include the largest and most luxurious super boats on the planet, are an example of how the Russian elite has benefited under the government of President Vladimir Putin.

As Russian forces intensify their military campaign in Ukraine, boats are emerging as major targets for US and European allies who have vowed to seize property belonging to people close to Putin.

Spread around the world

According to Marine Traffic website data, according to CNN, a dozen boats belonging to the Russian “Oligarch” are scattered around the world, from the crystal waters of Antigua to the ports of Barcelona and Hamburg to the Atolls in the Seychelles.

It is very difficult to confirm the ownership of boats because ships are often registered as a covert attempt to hide ownership from management companies or shell companies, experts say.

Amore Vero boat

But CNN reports that more than a dozen billionaires added to Russia’s 2018 Treasury Department’s “Oligarch” list have been linked to boats in media reports in recent years.

Most of the oligarchy that claims to own the boats has not yet faced U.S. sanctions.

However, some are permitted by the European Union or the United Kingdom, and are included in the list of US sanctions.

Property transfer

Legal experts said it is possible to transfer property such as boats to unauthorized friends or family in an effort to prevent confiscation.

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Catherine Bilden, author of the book on Putin, said she expects there to be agreements on changes to boat ownership, describing it as a cat-and-mouse game.

In addition, the seizure of some boats may intimidate wealthy Russians to remove their other ships from EU ports.

Description of the existence of boats (CNN)

Description of the existence of boats (CNN)

According to Marine Traffic data, one of the world’s largest boats, the Tilbar, is said to be owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who arrived in Hamburg, Germany at the end of October.

As the EU imposed sanctions on Usmanov earlier this week, there was confusion over the condition of the ship until Thursday.

German forces have seized a 156-meter-high vessel that can carry up to 96 crew and 24 guests, according to Forbes.

Luxury boats

Earlier this week, according to the latest data from MarineTraffic, the Luna boat allegedly owned by Azerbaijani billionaire Farkhad Akhmetov, a former head of the Russian Natural Gas Company, was in Hamburg.

Akhmetov possessed an unlicensed nine-story boat 115 meters long with missile detection technology and bulletproof windows.

Boats of Rich Russians in Monaco (AFP)

Boats of Rich Russians in Monaco (AFP)

Several boats owned by wealthy Russians are parked in a harbor in Barcelona, ​​including the Roman Abramovich-owned Solaris, Chelsea announced on Wednesday that it would sell the football club and donate the proceeds to a charity for the affected people.

In the Caribbean Sea

The Galactic supernova, owned by Vakit Alekperov, CEO of the Russian oil company, left Barcelona on Saturday and sailed south across the Mediterranean to the Divat in Montenegro in the Adriatic.

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Lukoil’s leader Alekberov has not been allowed under US sanctions in the past.

Other boats associated with Russia are found in the Caribbean, including the Eclipse, another boat owned by Abramovich, which is the largest in the world and includes a swimming pool that could be turned into a dance floor.

Except for Anna, who is said to be the king of the oligarchy Dmitry Rypolovle who once bought a mansion in Florida from former President Donald Trump.