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Rich victims.. Scammers in Sweden stole with an unthinkable trick

Rich victims.. Scammers in Sweden stole with an unthinkable trick

and some of these Victims From the rich celebrity In Sweden, the newspaper revealed that one of them had a total of 14.5 million Swedish kronor ($1.6 million) stolen from him, and another lost about 9 million kronor.

The fraudsters took advantage of a loophole in a system between the Swedish Tax Agency and a major bank, identifying themselves as tax disclosure agents for these victims.

Through this trick, the scammers were able to change the bank account information of the tax returns from the Swedish Tax Authority to their own accounts, so that the tax authority would deposit the victims’ returns in these accounts.

What are tax returns?

Among the things that the Swedish Tax Agency does; Income tax collection for each individual, and collection is monthly and estimated based on previous income records.

At the end of the year, the Tax Authority reassesses the actual tax, based on his real income, during the year against what it collected from him. If it took more amounts from him than the tax due, it returns the difference to him.

This is the point at which the fraudsters exploited, changing the account information of some wealthy people, so that they would receive tax returns for them.

In order to complete the fraud, the fraudsters also changed the official addresses of the victims, and therefore when the tax authority sends an official mail to the person with his returns or changes his bank account information, it does not reach him, but rather reaches the mail specified by the fraudsters, and thus the fraud process continued for a while without being detected by anyone.

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