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Richard Branson navštívil Ukrajinu a nabídl pomoc s přestavbou největšího letadla

Richard Branson visited Ukraine and offered to help rebuild the largest aircraft

Billionaire and Virgin brand founder Richard Branson visited Ukraine’s Antonov Airport this month, where the world’s largest Antonov An-225 was parked in the hangar at the time of the attack. Maria (translated as Sen) was almost destroyed during the Russian invasion in February of this year. During a visit to the airport, Branson offered to help rebuild it.

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The An-225 was the largest cargo aircraft in the world, and it was manufactured by the Ukrainian Antonov company in 1988. The aircraft was used to transport commercial cargo and was also used at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to transport a huge amount of medical supplies. During the epidemic, periodic maintenance of the An-225 was supposed, but this did not happen.

Russian occupiers can destroy anything, but never a dreamLocal politician David Arachhamia said at the time of his visit, “He also added that he was already working with Branson on a project to rebuild the plane. In addition to the plane, Branson also wants to restore the airport, which was also destroyed.

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