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Riot Games spojil síly s Public Good Projects

Riot has created a guide to mental health influx and other content developers

The company behind world-famous titles like League of Legends or Valorant has decided to gather information, resources and practices to help people solve mental health issues.

Riot Games joined Public Good Projects, a US-based non-profit health organization. The aim of the collaboration was to create a free directory that would serve content creators, content creators, and moderators as a tool for solving a mental health problem. The booklet is currently available to the public and its goal is to help anyone with mental health issues, either with themselves or with anyone else.

“The players have mentioned time and time again that good mental health and overall mental satisfaction are the most important factor to them, and we clearly agree with them,” Riot said.

Collaboration with public interest projects builds on previous collaboration between Riot Games and Crisis Text Line. The aim of the previous collaborations was to provide free but high-quality support to everyone with a period of mental illness. The Crisis Text Line team is available 24 hours a day and is able to help people who have suicidal tendencies, self-harm, depression or anxiety.

Mental health has become a hot topic, mainly due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many people to cut contact, leading to a wave of mental health problems. Many players have turned to their favorite creators, who also see psychological support for them.

The guide provides advice and information from the best healthcare establishments. The guide is not only aimed at creative people but also their fans. In it, broadcasters can read how to connect their audience with a healthcare professional, if needed.

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Riot is open to receiving feedback and plans to improve the entire guide based on the experience the creators themselves will share later.