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Rishi Sunak vows to work “constructively” with Scotland boss

The Prime Minister of England promised, Rishi SunakToday, Friday, work creatively with a female leader ScotlandDespite tensions over his administration’s willingness to hold a new referendum on independence.

Sunak held private talks with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during her first visit to Scotland after taking office. Sturgeon described their meeting as “very constructive and cordial”.

Sturgeon’s relationship with Sylvie Sunak, Boris Johnson AndLiz TerraceSturgeon is lukewarm in light of the claim Independence of Scotland.

“What I want to do as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is to work constructively with the Scottish Government to make a difference for people in Scotland,” Sunak told the BBC. “There are a lot of challenges that we all face collectively across the UK, and where we can work together and make a difference.”

The UK government said the independence question had been settled in a 2014 referendum when Scottish voters rejected the referendum by 55% to 45%. Sturgeon argued that the situation had changed since then, and his semi-autonomous government was pushing for a new referendum.


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But in November, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the UK government had no power to hold a new referendum on independence without the UK government’s consent.

(Associated Press)

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