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Riyadh Newspaper |  Abdul Razzaq Afifi.. Professor of Judges

Riyadh Newspaper | Abdul Razzaq Afifi.. Professor of Judges

His scientific competence led him to be the first director of the Higher Institute of the Judiciary

Abdul Razzaq Afifi.. Professor of Judges

Abdul Razzaq Afifi – may God have mercy on him –

He is one of the scholars whose knowledge students, judges and sheikhs have benefited from since his feet set foot in the land of the Kingdom. From that date, he has spread knowledge and the call to God in science institutes and regular seminars. His knowledge and information, he does not skimp on his knowledge and advice to everyone who intends to him, ascetic in this world and content with his salary that he receives from the state during his career. In his mosque, which is next to his house west of the General Presidency for Fatwa, Call and Guidance, I greeted him and he refused to kiss his head out of humility from him, otherwise he deserves this. He drew from the seas of his knowledge, as he is an exception among scholars from all scientific and moral aspects, masses of scholars and scientists graduated from him until the Council of Senior Scholars, which was established in 1391 AH. The Scientific Institute in Riyadh, and in the College of Sharia, he is the Sheikh of Scholars and Professor of Judges; Because he took over the administration of the Higher Institute of the Judiciary, and is its first director, and supervised and discussed master’s and doctoral theses, and as I said, he is a blessed man and he has won the hearts of the scholars he contemporaries with in the Kingdom who are older than him or younger than him by not many years, and he won the trust of Sheikh Mufti Muhammad bin Ibrahim Education in scientific institutes and colleges was under his supervision as well as the judiciary. He had a strong relationship with His Eminence the Mufti administratively. This week’s personality is Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi, the sheikh of scholars and teacher of judges, may God have mercy on him and forgive him. Perhaps these lines are a brief reminder of gratitude and appreciation for this great man.

His birth and upbringing

He is Sheikh Abd al-Razzaq ibn Afifi ibn Abd al-Bar Sharaf al-Din al-Nubi of Egypt. He was born in 1323 AH / 1905 AD, in the village of Shanshur, Ashmoun Center, in the Menoufia Governorate. Bin Ahmed Sayed Ahmed – may God have mercy on him – in his book (Sheikh Allama Abdul Razzaq Afifi): “In addition to Abdul Razzaq Afifi memorizing the Qur’an, he memorized some of the texts, as was the custom of students of knowledge who were studying in the books at that time,” adding that he “graduated from Al-Azhar in the beginning. Of the Azhar primary and secondary certificate, then the university degree, which is the international certificate in 1351 AH, and among the scholars who gained their knowledge in Egypt were Sheikh Muhammad bin Hassan Afia, and Sheikh Muhammad bin Aboud Afia, and took from them the Noble Qur’an, as well as Sheikh Ahmed Nasr, Sheikh of the Malikis, and Sheikh Desouki Al-Arabi, and Sheikh Abdel-Ghani El-Sherbiny, Sheikh Youssef Al-Dajwi, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, the scholar Mustafa Al-Maraghi and others – may God have mercy on them -.

Dissemination of science

After Abd al-Razzaq Afifi – may God have mercy on him – qualified and became one of the great students of knowledge, he saw it as his duty to benefit people from this blessing that God had bestowed upon him, which is the blessing of knowledge, and the zakat of knowledge was broadcast in people, so he took lessons in the city of Alexandria, and it was a beacon of knowledge and knowledge. For the youth of Alexandria, and these lessons were outside the religious institute in which he was studying, and what distinguished Sheikh Abd al-Razzaq with wisdom and good exhortation when he warns and warns against violations of the law. Alexandria, and in his town, Shanshor, where he had violations that caused him to leave his village, and Sheikh Abd al-Razzaq was an educator, preacher, and scholar of the first class, as mentioned by those who wrote about him when he died. Education with wisdom and abundant knowledge is great tributaries to the world or the preacher.

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Rajah mind

It was from the happiness of formal education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that Abdul Razzaq Afifi – may God have mercy on him – came to it in 1368 AH, and the goal of his coming was to teach at Dar al-Tawheed in Taif, and he continued to teach at Dar al-Tawheed until 1370 AH, then after that he was transferred to Unaizah High School, then to Riyadh Scientific Institute, and before that In the Buraidah Scientific Institute, from the date of 1370 AH until the year 1371 AH, the scholar Sheikh Muhammad bin Saleh al-Uthaymeen – may God have mercy on him – says on the authority of Afifi: “He had a sound mind, far-sightedness, and a lot of silence, unless speaking was good with what God gave him of solid knowledge and good education. And the lack of filling in his words.” He came to Onaizah in 1370 AH to teach in secondary school, and Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen said: “He sat for teaching Arabic and rhetoric, so I was one of his students, and I benefited greatly from him in the science of morphology and rhetoric, so I participated in the Council of Senior Scholars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and his opinion was Documentation and payment.

From the date of 1368 AH, Sheikh Abdul Razzaq spread his abundant knowledge and advice to students in the regular study seats, and when the College of Sharia was established in Riyadh, he was one of the first scholars to honor this first educational institution in the central region by being one of its teaching members, and he had a role in setting the courses and curricula in these College, and Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Saif described him in his translation in his book (Al-Mubtada wa Al-Khabar) as the modernist and interpreter, the jurist, the diligent fundamentalist.

first manager

In the year 1385 AH, the Higher Institute of the Judiciary was established, and Abdul Razzaq Afifi – may God have mercy on him – was appointed director of the Higher Institute of the Judiciary as its first director. What is important, and his opinion was the subject of attention and care in examining judges, and he was giving lessons at the institute and remained in this position until 1391 AH, and in 1391 AH, Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi was appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas. He is strong in editing, reviewing and scrutinizing fatwas with the utmost accuracy, and even controlling the texts of the fatwa and extracting its hadiths. Abdullah Omar Nassif, describing Sheikh Abdul Razzaq’s scientific and intellectual personality: “He was endowed with a mighty mentality that enabled him to adapt the jurisprudence of issues and calamities and to extract rulings from texts and apply them to the developments of reality, and he had commendable contributions in the jurisprudence councils and advocacy institutions.”

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care and respect

Muhammad Safwat, the head of the Ansar al-Sunnah group in Egypt, spoke through his elegiac article about Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi: “He was – may God have mercy on him – an example in the fatwa of accuracy and commitment. In the sense, if he chose other than this wording, and he was very careful to respect the sayings of his fellow scholars, so if a fatwa is issued on an issue and he has a different opinion and you ask him about this fatwa, he issued a fatwa with the statement of the group of scholars even if it was not his opinion, but I found him withholding his opinion if he found that this opinion may occur. There is a rift between them, and it is only revealed by students of knowledge who know literature when differing and provide scholars.” Safwat adds: “Abdul Razzaq Afifi is distinguished by the breadth of his knowledge and his ability to accurately understand, conscious deduction, insightful discrimination, and adherence to the approach of the righteous predecessors stemming from the Qur’an and the correct purified Sunnah.”

Student reference

Abdullah Al-Bassam said in his translation of Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi – may God have mercy on him -: “His activity became in issuing fatwas and in public lectures, and he became a reference for students of knowledge, and he became known and famous until he became a great prestige of great stature and wide fame.” He comes to Sheikh Abdul Razzaq’s house in Taif and reads the science of logic to him as he told about himself in this book. Al-Bassam mentions saying: “Ali was the first Saudi student to read to him.” The Saudi identity and settled in it and made Riyadh his headquarters, and this condition includes everyone who settled in the Kingdom and took it as a residence and holds the Saudi identity, and he is among the scholars such as Sheikh Attia Salem, Sheikh Ali Al-Tantawi and many others who were naturalized with Saudi citizenship, but some of them died after the issuance of the second edition of the book Scholars We find.

Teaching and research

And when Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi – may God have mercy on him – grew up and his body became heavy, and his movement became less, he wanted to retire from issuing fatwas at the presidency, Sheikh Abu Abdul Rahman bin Aqeel Al Dhahiri says in his speech about Sheikh Afifi: He tried him from his abundant knowledge, wisdom, chastity and piety, so he did not allow him to rest.” His elegiac article: “The deceased was distinguished by the rooting of scientific issues, the analysis of their branches, the liberation of the points of contention in them, and the weighting of the bed between the approved opinions. Students of knowledge refer to it.” Sheikh Manna means the fatwas of the Standing Committee since it was founded, which was published in the Research Journal of the Presidency and then printed successively in volumes, as well as the research that he prepared.

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Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi – may God have mercy on him – did not see the authorship, but rather he believed that the books of the ancients are sufficient and the care to publish the old books with perfection and care dispenses with the confusion that we see. On the authority of Sheikh Abd al-Razzaq, and Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Ahmad mentioned his asceticism in writing and that he does not desire it despite the abundance of his knowledge and his ability to comprehend it and the abundance of its material, justifying this that people in general and students of knowledge in particular are in dire need of reading and knowledge more than their need for authorship and classification.

good opinion

Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi – may God have mercy on him – was described with wisdom, sound opinion and advice for all those who sought refuge in him from students of knowledge or the general public, and he fulfilled the meaning of the advisor as trustworthy, and I remember from this that Sheikh Abdullah bin Qaoud – may God have mercy on him – who is his righteous and loyal student who did not stop from him, was He asks him a lot about problematic issues, and about the latest developments in jurisprudence, either by phone or by visiting, this is after Sheikh Ibn Qaoud retired, and before this he was his colleague in the Permanent Committee whose fatwas are still being published for several decades in the Journal of Research, and since Sheikh Ibn Qaoud was an imam in a mosque. Al-Mushaikh, Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi was one of Sheikh Ibn Qaoud’s visitors in his house after the Friday prayer, with a group of students of knowledge with him. On his sheikh Abdul Razzaq bin Afifi and reverence him, rather I concluded that he loves him from the way he speaks, and always visits him to benefit from his guidance and instructions. Rather, someone told me that Sheikh Abdullah bin Qaoud, if he saw himself lazy or sluggish, went to him and visited him in order to increase and strengthen his faith and energize from his guidance. And urged him to be patient and proceed to stick to the way The ideal, and if Sheikh Abdullah bin Qaoud spoke about him, he would talk about his directives and instructions, and there is no doubt that he was one of those who were influenced by him and he loves them after Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Baz – may God have mercy on him.”

end of the day

And God extended the life of Sheikh Abd al-Razzaq Afifi, and he was one of those who had a long life and good deeds and benefited people with his knowledge, advice and guidance. The highest, after the funeral prayer was offered for him in the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque.

Abdul Razzaq Afifi was distinguished by his good opinion

Abdullah bin Qaoud is one of the students of Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi

Letter of appointment of Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi as Director of the Higher Judicial Institute

A doctrinal issue in the handwriting of Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi – may God have mercy on him –

The mosque where Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi used to pray on Al-Washam Street in Al-Khazan neighborhood