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Riyadh Newspaper |  Implementation of fines for fencing space lands .. next Friday

Riyadh Newspaper | Implementation of fines for fencing space lands .. next Friday

Implementation of fines for fencing space lands .. next Friday

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing renewed the call for vacant land owners to fencing them before July 01, 2022 in order to avoid financial fines, set at 100 riyals per linear meter, and repeat the violation in the event of failure to fence. The fines may be a reason for doubling their costs, and they demanded that there be cooperation between landowners and trusts to come up with what benefits both parties for the good and quality implementation of the decision that serves them in many matters such as clarifying the boundaries of their ownership and protecting it from turning into a landfill for landfills and waste, as confirmed by the Director of Public Relations at The Jeddah Municipality, recording the inaction of the owners in implementing the decision, which will become effective in a few days within the city of Jeddah, indicating that the Secretariat will not tolerate the application of fines to anyone who violates the decision and the requirements contained therein.

Monitoring inactivity in Jeddah from the owners

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing confirmed, through its documented account on a social networking site, that the decision targets within its first phase, which will start next Friday, July 1, 2022 AD, 5 main cities: Riyadh, Dammam, Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah, and stressed that the initiative to fencing open lands It aims to improve the urban landscape, protect property from encroachments, reduce visual distortions, promote the humanization of cities to become environmentally friendly, and preserve lands from waste and rubble.

In turn, the Director of Public Relations in the Municipality of Jeddah, Muhammad Al-Baqami, confirmed that there was inaction and negligence in starting the implementation of the decision at the level of the city of Jeddah, indicating that the Municipality of Jeddah aims, during the first phase of the project, to fence off the lands located on the axes in 11 main streets (King Abdulaziz Road, Andalus – Prince Majid Road – Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Road – King Fahd Road – King Abdullah Road – Madinah Road – Prince Sultan Street – Al Salam Street – Sari Street – Palestine Street – Hira Street.

Muhammad Al-Baqmi said: The slowness and inaction of landowners will not discourage the Secretariat from implementing the system, and the sanctions list will be applied and anyone who does not implement the requirements set out in the system to the letter, including the technical requirements approved for fencing vacant lands, will be doubled, and fines will be doubled according to what the regulation stipulates.

Muhammad Al-Baqmi pointed out that the speedy implementation of the decision greatly serves the landowners, as it preserves for them the boundaries of their land ownership and prevents it from being turned into a place for dumping waste and landfills. Lift hundreds of tons from many sites and repeat it many times.

The investor and real estate developer, Ibrahim Al-Subaie, said, “There is no doubt that the decision to fencing the vacant lands has many benefits that benefit the public and also serve the interest of the owner of the vacant land. At the same time, it will work to preserve the rights of the owners from infringement and prevent the use of their lands as a landfill or as parking lots, or otherwise, but we hope and aspire that there will be cooperation between the municipalities of the cities in which the system is applied with the owners of the space for consultation and cooperation to come up with ideas that benefit this project and ensure Implementing it in a way that achieves its objectives and helps the owners, such as allowing them to make these fences as billboards or facilitating them to create kiosks whose income helps in the construction costs they will undertake, knowing that they will be temporary constructions and will be removed if they start building these lands or take advantage of them.

Ibrahim Al-Subaie

The Jeddah Municipality has detected lax implementation of the decision to fencing open lands

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