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Riyadh Newspaper |  Science and genealogy in Arab culture

Riyadh Newspaper | Science and genealogy in Arab culture

Cultural marginalizations

Science and genealogy in Arab culture

I read in the glorious “Al-Riyadh” newspaper in the issue of Thursday, Sha’ban 21, 1443, p. 13, and I met a good interview with one of the intellectuals who have a good role in literary and cultural proposition, and I looked at the entirety of what was mentioned in that remarkable meeting, especially as such meetings are evident from them. What is not evident in the other theses, not to mention that they clarify some of the subtleties of science and culture; Because it may sink into the corridors that have not been raised before.

From this section, I refer to an important section of science touched upon by the ancient Tetras, and that is genealogy, and from here I say: Genealogy is part of writing history and culture and codifying them, as it is not correct to mention anything about a people except by mentioning their origins and races, even if the news was written down. And underlining the history without going back to mentioning the origins of this or that tribe, so that the culture and literature of the lineages would remain without an existing one, so that people would realize the truth here and there. So his book came as a blow to a stick, and because it mentioned some lineages, this increased it another position.

Contemporary European studies in research and news of the centuries hardly do not take from it between a little and a lot. So lineages are a must if an honest, conscientious and honest scholar or historian wrote them down, and like what Ibn Katheer wrote down, Khalifa bin Khayyat, al-Kalbi, al-Baladhari, and what was mentioned in the end of al-Arb, and the deaths of notables, and similar to what Ibn Jarir and Ibn Khaldun did, did not leave the first, and he did not leave the first The other has something, so the origin is what these people did not, but some of them lived with people, and other tribes in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and the Levant, and the edge of the Mediterranean, as well as the rest of the countries of the Maghreb on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and this is from me a reference to some of the extended lineages that they made for the general scholars and intellectuals to look at Contribute to knowing like this:

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And there is no crime. It is better for every scholar and educated person to look at such travels, which are rich in knowledge and rooting for a knowledge that may be waning.