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Riyadh Newspaper |  "Space Authority" launches the "Go to Space" training camp for high school students

Riyadh Newspaper | “Space Authority” launches the “Go to Space” training camp for high school students

“Space Authority” launches the “Go to Space” training camp for high school students

The Saudi Space Authority launched today, Tuesday, the summer training camp “Go to Space”, which aims to qualify high school students in space sciences and technologies within 14 days, including courses and applied projects, as part of the authority’s efforts to prepare future astronauts and engineers and attract distinguished students to join various space applications through Quality training programmes.

The authority explained that the “Go to Space” program focuses on linking mathematics and physics curricula at the secondary level with space science, while it is concerned with providing the experience of applied education with practice over a period of 30 training hours and 3 hours per day through specialists in space sciences.

The Commission indicated that the program aims to enhance the role of the Saudi Space Authority in the space sector, contribute to the development of human capabilities in the sector, raise students’ and society’s awareness of the importance of space science and technologies, and enhance community participation in its activities, in addition to motivating students to specialize in applied and engineering fields related to space sciences and technologies. .

The Commission also specified a number of conditions to join the program, including that the male or female student be a Saudi national, and that he or she is currently enrolled in the second or third secondary grade (the scientific track), in addition to passing the admission test for the camp, pointing out that at the end of the camp and passing the assessment Participants will receive a certificate of achievement approved by the Saudi Space Authority.

Male and female students wishing to join the program camp can register through the following link:

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