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Riyadh Newspaper |  The United Kingdom honors Saudi graduates from its universities

Riyadh Newspaper | The United Kingdom honors Saudi graduates from its universities

The United Kingdom honors Saudi graduates from its universities

The winners of the Study UK Alumni Awards for 2021-2022 in Saudi Arabia were announced at a ceremony hosted by the British Ambassador in Riyadh. Saudi graduates from UK universities in Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail, Kofar and Majma were honored for their outstanding achievements for their contribution to the strengthening of relations between business professionals, businessmen and community leaders and the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. The event, organized by the British Embassy in Riyadh and the British Council, was attended by top government officials and alumni studying in the United Kingdom.

The jury selected the winners of four prizes: the Science and Sustainability Prize, the Culture and Creativity Prize, the Social Work Prize and the Business and Innovation Prize.

This prestigious international award celebrates the achievements of UK higher education and UK graduates around the world. Now in its eighth year, the award has received over 1,500 applications from UK alumni in more than 100 countries representing more than 140 UK institutions of higher learning.

The British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Mr. Neil Crumpton said: “I’m pleased to host this year’s Study UK Alumni Awards. We are very proud of our graduates who have built their education as leaders and champions in various fields.

The UK and Saudi Arabia share a strong and modern partnership. We see the graduates of British universities as ambassadors to both countries and as a testament to our strong bond between the people. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners.

Eli Kennedy McLean, Director of the British Council in Saudi Arabia, said: “All the great people we celebrate today have taken education in the UK as an inspiration to excel in their chosen profession and shape the world around them. This year’s awards ceremony is a testament not only to the diversity of UK alumni and their efforts, but also to the transformative impact of UK education on 100,000 UK alumni! “

Dr. Maha Al-Musaini, a scientist with extensive experience in both immunology, infectious diseases and medical research, was awarded the Science and Sustainability Award during his PhD program at Imperial College. He is the founder and director of the Immunodeficiency Research Center. His PhD from Imperial College London under the supervision of a renowned mentor helped him develop his professional and scientific skills, as well as expand his intellectual network in the field.

The Culture and Creativity Award was presented to Dr. Faisal Al-Hamood, an Associate Professor at Majma University who has held numerous academic and administrative positions at various universities. Faisal has benefited from excelling in teaching and research at UK universities. This helped him to provide smart ideas and creative tools to facilitate vocabulary and reading in the Arab world. In 2005 it helped him to present the first intensive reading program in the context of English as a foreign language in Saudi Arabia.

Munira Al-Zubai, a professor of law at King South University’s College of Law, was awarded the Social Work Award for his contribution to the development of law and human rights in Saudi Arabia as a member of the Drafting Committee. To the draft Personal Status Act. Munira Al-Subai participated in the drafting of the Elderly Rights Act, and as a member of the Committee on Seniors for Family Affairs, her studies in the United Kingdom opened the door to improve Ms. Munira’s legal, research and personal skills. For legal and social participation in his community. Mrs. Munira al-Zubai wants to continue his contribution to improving human rights law and raising social awareness.

The founder of the first local startup that specializes in specialty petroleum services, Mr. Ahmed Al-Harbi was awarded the Business and Innovation Award. He began his successful entrepreneurial journey with a wealth of previous experience in his career holding key management and technical positions in large companies. Mr. Ahmed Al-Harbi is an active participant in professional and entrepreneurial associations. His academic experience and the opportunity to collaborate with leading academic teachers helped to enhance his specialized business start-up and Mr. Aroused the business interest of Ahmad al-Harbi.

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