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Society: About Russia in esk dui

Rn: 600 rnskch President zahjilo camp

It belongs to those countries where we can call every election a breakthrough. After all, they don’t quite decide who will beat them. This contradiction will continue to apply now: In June, the people will elect their president.

But the candidate registration has just ended and the campaign has started. In theory, anyone can run for president in an election. So not anyone, but anyone: college degree, capital jobs experience, 40-year-old unpunished.

The age limit, for example, ousted a promising reformer, Information Technology Minister Mohamed Davad Azar Dahrom, who had gained popularity among the youth.

Likewise, those who withdrew due to their participation in the opposition demonstrations were not the same. Of course, even if it was among 600 men, many paintings would compete for the most chosen job.

First of all, however, all candidates must be approved by the so-called council, the caretaker, who, in fact, is likely to be all the remaining candidates required of the system. This does not mean that people will not hold elections, because 70 percent of voters drank into the past.

These shots are distinguished by several circumstances. First, the incumbent president, Ren, has been running for five years.

In addition, it will happen at a time when the United States is playing to renew the international nuclear agreement, from which US President Trump resigned in 2015 and when he renewed extremely painful sanctions on the United States.

Some candidates will strive to revert to the agreements, while others will likely stand out to expand foreign influence and not seek to cut off conversations with Zpad.

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And last but not least, a difficult successive period that the Renho government did not do, perhaps not always due to his personal error.

It is economically feasible due to the possibility of imposing penalties, penalties and other reasons. This means, among other things, that a number of potential reformers clearly choose the reason for favoring the reformers, because they have already failed and have lost so much prestige.

Prior to joining his position, Ren was considered a centrist, winning only because a councilor had previously expelled all reformers, and garnered the votes of reformers. This basis for reform has diminished.

It can also help candidates who are unfamiliar with reform, such as the still influential Ibrahim Ras, who now holds a position in the judiciary. Or for those who present themselves as someone who stands outside the mainstream of the regime, you are negotiating a nuclear agreement for RIDN, which describes itself as independent.

There is one question that plays a role, and that is the president’s potential proximity to the Revolutionary Guard, a very powerful and independent organization with massive armed forces and commercial interests, and one of those candidates is Mohsen Rez.

I can ride one note. The emergence of the politics associated with this armed unit may change the nature of the regime.

However, according to some opinions, it is believed that this may be the last presidential election in the supreme spiritual leader Ayatul Khomein, in fact, the most powerful city.

So the Five Chiefs will play a role in replacing Khming. What is actually much more important than who will be the president for three years.

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