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راب: تقييم المخابرات كان يتوقع صمود كابول حتى نهاية العام

Rob: The intelligence assessment expects Kabul to last until the end of the year

2021 September 2021 Posted on Thursday 08:51 AM

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb

LONDON: British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb has said intelligence assessment that Kabul is unlikely to fall this year and has defended Britain’s exit from Afghanistan after the Taliban seized more parts of the country faster than expected.

“With the withdrawal of troops by the end of August, we will see a rapid decline from this point, and Kabul is unlikely to fall this year,” Rob told the House of Commons overseas emergency session.

“That doesn’t mean we don’t have backup planning or exit planning or testing of other assumptions, to be clear, this is something that is widely shared in NATO countries,” he added.

He pointed out that his government did not know how many people staying in Afghanistan were eligible to come to the UK.

He added that about 15,000 people had been expelled since the country fell to the Taliban.

Addressing MPs, he said he would visit the area later; We need to talk about those who have left.

The minister acknowledged that his country was “stunned” by the pace of the fall of Kabul, as the intelligence assessment was expected to last until the end of the year.

The reports come at a time when the United Kingdom is in talks with the Taliban; In order to secure a safe passage for many more British and Afghan nationals in Afghanistan.

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