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Rogina reveals the secret of promoting her new series in front of the Kaaba

Rogina reveals the secret of promoting her new series in front of the Kaaba

The Egyptian actress, “Rogina”, confirmed that she had dealt with critics of her promotion of her new series during the performance of the Umrah, by deleting them from her Facebook page.

Rogina said, during an interview with the “Evening dmc” program on the Egyptian dmc channel: “I faced a strange controversy after publishing my picture in front of the Kaaba, and I announced the series “Sitham”. They think of themselves.”

She added, “There were many angry comments, which I deleted all because I do not hear the negatives, and there are those who wrote me good comments and wished me an acceptable life.”

The Egyptian artist attributed the publication of her picture from inside the Great Mosque of Mecca to the fact that she always thanks God for everything, and throughout her life, and before starting any work, she uses God and performs the Umrah, and after completing the work she performs another Umrah.

And she continued, “This year, my joy was greater, because God honored me with the success of the series and with a new project, the “Sitham” series, so I wanted to thank God publicly.”

Rogina had sparked widespread controversy, when she published a picture of her in front of the Kaaba, holding her mobile phone, to which she was shown the official poster of her new series, “Sitham”.

Through her account on “Facebook”, “Rogina” commented on the photo: “Praise and thanks be to God.. Praise be to God until praise reaches its end.. With your permission, O Lord, you make our sustenance a success in the series Sithham Ramadan 2023.. With the blessing of your sanctuary, grant us facilitation and success.. Wonderful author Nasser Abdel Rahman, directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.

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Rogina participated in the last Ramadan season, starring in the series “Deviation”, which is based on real events, and revolves in a drama full of mystery about the deviation of characters from human nature and they collide with a psychiatrist played by Rogina.

In this work, alongside Rogina, the stars Lucy, Samiha Ayoub, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Mohamed Lotfi, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Mohamed Kilani, Ahmed Safwat, Sama Ibrahim, Mido Adel, Mohamed Mahran, written by Mostafa Chehayeb and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz, participated in this work.

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