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Role Playing Games You can run fast

Role playing games It usually allows players to explore open worlds filled with countless side quests to get lost in before eventually completing the game’s main story. It also allows players to experience the world for themselves and really immerse themselves in the gameplay as well as get to know the characters.

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However, some players prefer to challenge themselves to be The fastest to complete the title And this is where Rapid Running turn comes. Surprisingly, even role-playing games like Skyrim or Evil spirits They saw themselves under the speedrunner as players race against each other to finish the RPG in the fastest time. these Role-playing games are among the best games that enable players to run fast.

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10 Undertale

despite of Undertale Not one of the longest games on the list, many players have found exploits to make their rounds faster, thus challenging other players to see who can complete the game faster.

Using techniques such as Cutscene Skips and Punch Card Exploit allowed players to complete Undertale As fast as 52 minutes in neutral running with times varying depending on what goal the end players aim for. In order to further challenge the contestants themselves, guides have been created to help those who also want to give it a try Undertale The quick gauntlet.

9 NieR Replicant version 1.22474487139

Nier faces off against the giant shadow in NieR: Replicant

Even role-playing games that many players would consider too challenging have found themselves exploited and pushed to their limits by fast runners hoping that they can not only challenge their speed for their skills as well.

NieR Replicant It is another game that has a variety of sprinting categories. From completing the game normally, which was done in just over three hours, to trying the easier feat of completing it in New Game Plus which took just over an hour to complete. This along with the countless clues generated by other players NieR Replicant Easy to approach speed game.

8 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Close-up of Geralt from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As mentioned, many RPGs become longer experiences due to the countless side quests that players can get lost in while trying to follow the main story of the game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt It is one of those titles that has a brilliantly in-depth story that pulls players away from the main task of exploring the continent.

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However, some players avoided being distracted and instead found themselves focusing on the main task to the point of completing it as quickly as possible. Fastest time as of old patch The Witcher 3 It was 1 hour 45 minutes although this may change with recent updates to the title.

7 South Park: The Stick of Truth

Cover image from South Park: The Stick of Truth

each chapter in South Park: The Stick of Truth It has its own class of sprinters, especially since they all use different abilities to tackle their opponents. according to The fastest class to complete the game as for Mage takes 1 hour and 19 minutes, although this is only a few seconds for classes like Thief.

Quick guides South Park: The Stick of Truth It was incredibly useful for players who are also trying to hit their best times when completing an RPG. Many of these guides have gone so far as to rank the most effective way to approach each battle that has led players to the best of times.

6 Fallout: New Vegas

Image from Fallout: New Vegas showing an NPC carrying the Fatman on their back.

is similar to The Witcher 3: Wild HuntAnd Fallout: New Vegas It is a role-playing game that entertains its players through various side quests that players can take part in outside the main story that they are expected to complete at the end. However, many players have challenged themselves to complete the main story as quickly as possible.

In this speedrunning challenge, the classes were divided into different factions that players could stand next to and after comparing all the factions, the fastest time was achieved when standing with Yes Man which only took eight minutes. This insane time is achieved with the endless guides available that feature bugs and techniques to speed through map areas.

5 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Link and Navi Ocarina of Time

It’s not just an RPG that players try to get through quickly like the old titles like the one in the game The Legend of Zelda was chosen. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a popular title not only by any speed racer but also by those who enjoy testing themselves on games that are completed quickly.

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Surprisingly, the main story of Ocarina of time It can be completed as quickly as possible under four minutes by fast runners who complete it at any percentage. However, those trying to get everything in the game will take less than four hours.

4 Pokemon red and blue

Game Pokemon Boy Starter Pick

It’s the old role-playing game that gamers are still going fast Pokemon red and blue. Just like many other sprints, players who completed their title sprint gave instructions to other players on how to complete the game in a flawless time.

Categories for Pokemon red and blue It includes the usual flawless runs or glitches at any percentage as well as challenging the players themselves to catch all the Pokémon as quickly as possible. The fastest game time can be considered 11 minutes in any percentage with no corruption in the save.

3 mass effect

Mao studied the enemy emerging from the ground

mass effect It is the start of a great RPG series that has been enjoyed by many gamers over the years. Those who have already completed Once have wondered how quickly they can complete the title’s main story without getting bogged down in any of the other missions or tasks.

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The starting title is by far one of the most approachable mass effect Games that players attempted to do quickly with the fastest time achieved by players being 1 hour and 22 minutes. Unlike other games, there are very few guides for players to use in this game, and so watching other players’ runs may be the guidance they need.

Skyrim Forsworn Briarheart

As one of the most beloved role-playing games that has been published on a variety of platforms over the years, it’s no surprise that… Skyrim He found a suitable position in the sprint community. Countless players have tried to outsmart each other by completing the game’s main story faster.

With a set of feats that allow players to jump the walls of Helgen and launch themselves across the map, players have been able to complete Skyrim Super fast, no less than 23 minutes.

1 Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 The Great Dragon Arc

Overall, one of the most loved speedrunning RPGs from the speedrunning community are the challenging titles Evil spirits. Among them all, many players are attracted towards it Dark Souls 3 As a fast running game that requires players to not only know how to beat the bosses they encounter but also learn the techniques to avoid them as well.

With this in mind, the players were able to complete it Dark Souls 3 In just 33 minutes with those who challenged themselves to defeat all the bosses completing the match in a record time of 1 hour 10 minutes.

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