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Rolins enjoy hotels and vacant beaches in Dubai, and their ankles have less soreness

Rolins enjoy hotels and vacant beaches in Dubai, and their ankles have less soreness

Dara Rollins, 48, went with her daughter Lola to Dubai, where they enjoyed the fact that the world is slowly returning to its old ways after the pandemic. The half-empty hotels, restaurants, and beaches are said to have their charms, even though they seem quite unnatural. However, the free time in the pool made up for the singer when she forgot the fact that such places, if possible, do not happen.

“Although the world is recovering and getting back to normal, the fact that this is happening slowly is evident at every step, in everything and everywhere. Airports, cities, beaches, restaurants and hotels are half empty,” evaluating the current situation Dara Rollins, at that time on vacation in Dubai.

“There’s more space all around, which is great in some contexts, but totally unnatural anyway. Even the fact that I’m taking a picture of myself in a very crowded hotel lobby, without a group of tourists streaming in the background, is actually a little miracle, singer added.

“Not possible without coffee. There is really confidence in nice weather, beautiful 39 degrees,” Rollins laughing from behind the palm.

However, it cannot be said that it was a net holiday. “I haven’t sprained my ankle on vacation yet. It’s a useless experience, I’ll tell you. Around the pool, right? It doesn’t work!” Ashes are poured on the singer’s head, he is glad that nothing worse has happened.

“Fortunately, Lola took her cousin Rosa with her this time, so the ladies wouldn’t get bored,” Dara, who had been useless for several days, sighed, resting with a bucket of ice on her leg.

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