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Rolls-Royce shows its first electric car during testing in the snow

Rolls-Royce shows its first electric car during testing in the snow

Rolls-Royce’s first mass-produced electric car is approaching, and the automaker has completed tests in Sweden’s Arjeplog, where BMW Group facilities are located.

The newly developed Rolls-Royce always starts its career in the winter. “It begins with noise, vibration and shock insulation testing for the quality of the rubber door seal, composite, fasteners, and even bonding properties,” a statement from Goodwood said.

The efficiency of HVAC or refrigeration systems is also tested. Last but not least, the steering, steering and suspension settings have been fine-tuned. Which appears to be a completely different system in the case of an electric vehicle.

Specter arrives on a new electric platform. The automaker claims that the threaded system provides 141,200 interactions between sender and receiver and contains more than 1,000 functions with more than 25,000 sub-tasks. By comparison, the flagship Phantom limousine handles 51,000 transmitter-receiver interactions and has 456 functions with 647 sub-tasks.

“The optimization of the all-electric propulsion system, which is the basis of the Specter model, creates a completely new definition of technical development. The transition from internal combustion engines allows us to significantly increase the computing power of individual components and create a decentralized intelligence system,” says Development Director Mehar Ayoubi, referring to the era of Engineers who use multi-purpose, multi-channel, highly interconnected electronic devices. Electric power generation buildings. -Royce 3.0.

“Our job is to teach every component and entire system to think, act and communicate so that the result is a typical Rolls-Royce,” Al-Ayoubi adds.

Prototypes will continue to run about two million test kilometers, during the fourth quarter of 2023, the first cars will reach customers.