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Ronaldo and Al-Nasr.. How did the 40-day deal take place away from the “Godfather”?

According to the Spanish sports newspaper “Marca”, the victory and my representatives Ronaldo They negotiated for about 40 days, culminating in Madrid with the signing of the contract, which extends until 2025, in the presence of the president of the Saudi club, Musli Al Muammar.

The newspaper pointed out that Ronaldo, who denied having contacts with Al-Nasr while he was with Portugal in the World Cup, “was aware that his future was in Saudi Arabia.”

And she continued, “During this period (the World Cup), Ronaldo did not want any distraction, but the negotiations were ongoing and the player knew everything.”

And “Marca” confirmed that Ronaldo learned of the victory offer immediately after his shattering interview with Piers Morgan, in which he fiercely attacked his club’s management at the time. Manchester United Englishman and coach Eric Ten Hag, which later led to the termination of the contract between the player and the “Red Devils”.

“From that moment on, Ronaldo learned about the victory offer, and also realized that it would be virtually impossible to join one of Europe’s elite clubs,” she said.

without the “godfather”

On the other hand, the newspaper pointed out that the “godfather of major deals” in Europe Jorge Mendezwho is Ronaldo’s agent “formerly”, had no role in the player’s transition to victory.

Although Mendez was the star of the net in Ronaldo’s transfer from Manchester United to Spanish Real Madrid in 2009, and he received a large commission at the time, it was Ricardo Rigovi who led the negotiations with Al-Nasr, representing the Portuguese star.

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Marca said Rigovi was “a very close person to Ronaldo”.

After the World Cup ended, Ronaldo went to the Spanish capital, where he asked the Real Madrid administration to use the club’s facilities in “Valdebebas” for training, and he had already obtained approval for that.

The newspaper added, “At the same time, Ronaldo was waiting for a call from the club’s management (for his return to Real Madrid), but that did not happen.”