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Ronaldo ignites the anger of Atletico Madrid fans with mockery of the banner incident

Ronaldo ignites the anger of Atletico Madrid fans with mockery of the banner incident

Ronaldo is looking for a new team to play with in the Champions League (Diego Soto/Getty)

Cristiano Ronaldo mocked Ronaldo from club fans Atletico Madrid In response to her refusal to come to her team, the dispute and the bad relationship with her increased since he was a Real Madrid player.

Ronaldo and the issue of his future have been at the forefront of international newspapers recently, and he appeared through a new behavior that ignited the situation even more, as he responded to a banner raised by “Colchoneros” fans and expressed their categorical rejection of his recruitment.

And through his account on the social networking site Instagram on Friday, the Portuguese star only responded to the account of a fan who published the picture of the banner, with a laughing face that he expressed four times, which ignited the anger of the fans of the second club in the Spanish capital and prompted them to attack him with provocative and inappropriate words.


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And the “Don” continued his appearance in the virtual world by responding to a group of fans, including those who transferred part of the negotiations between Ronaldo and Manchester United, and on the subject, the Portuguese added: “It is impossible that the media will not talk about Ronaldo one day, because they are Donny who cannot raise money, They will not be able to draw the attention of the followers, continue in this way and one day I will give you my news.”

Rumors continue that link Ronaldo to several clubs that he would move to, the latest of which was Napoli, Italy, at a time when negotiations continue between the player, his agent and representatives of his English club in order to reach an exit formula that satisfies all parties.

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