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سيارة رونالدو تنتظر 7 ساعات أمام محطة للوقود دون الحصول على بنزين.. صورة

Ronaldo’s car waiting 7 hours in front of a gas station without petrol .. Photo

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo has been hit by a fuel crisis in the United Kingdom.

The English media published a picture of the driver going to the gas station at 2pm in Ronaldo’s car, which cost 220 220,000, and left at 9pm without refueling.

Ronaldo’s car is waiting at the gas station

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo took part in the Manchester United match against Villarreal in the Champions League group stage yesterday Wednesday and scored a “deadly” goal in vain to give his team a valuable victory. 2-1.

The British newspaper The Independent, on the other hand, said the British government had been ignoring warnings of serious shortages in the UK’s fuel supply networks for years and had expressed concern over a series of government documents and data vulnerabilities from several years earlier. Petrol and diesel supply chain.

Officials said draft changes to protect fuel supplies were drafted in early 2017, but fell short of the British government’s list of priorities following Brexit, and officials warned of more supply problems due to a lack of action.

Ed Miliband, the opposition’s shadow business secretary, said the government’s stubbornness and “intimidation and deliberate” cooperation had led to the current situation.

He said the government should immediately address the shortage of 100,000 heavy truck drivers, which is causing chaos.

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