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Roscosmos astronauts prepare for a new mission in the open space in the municipality

Roscosmos astronauts prepare for a new mission in the open space in the municipality


Sputnik Roscosmos

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The Roscosmos Foundation announced that its astronauts aboard the International Space Station are preparing to carry out a new mission in open space soon.

On the subject, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artyomov said: “During the past weekend, we, the Roscosmos astronauts on board the International Space Station, conducted training and preparations for the next mission that we will carry out in open space, and we were trained to deal with the station’s robotic arm ERA.. Russian Major, Sergey Korsakov, who will be in control of the arm during the task ahead.”

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According to the available information, the Russian astronauts are supposed to leave the International Space Station into open space on April 28, and during their next mission they will carry out some work to prepare the ERA robotic arm to work with the station’s Russian section.

The new mission is supposed to be carried out by Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artyomov, who has carried out 4 missions in open space before, and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Matveyev, who will be his second mission outside the station.

Source: Vesti

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Source :” RT Arabic (Russia Today)

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