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Roscosmos plans to grow improved plant species in space Moscow – Arab Today

Dmitriy Rogozin, Director General of the “Ros Cosmos” Foundation, announced that the Foundation plans to grow improved types of food plants in space. Insects, infection, etc.” He adds that all experiments in growing plants in space have been devoted to diversifying the diets of the crews and establishing systems where one can receive food during flights into deep space.

Rogozin adds, “The creation of plants that humans use in some way in their food, such as grapes, wheat, barley, and others, which, after being planted in space, will be returned to Earth for cultivation.” He points out, it will be possible to obtain in space types of plants that are more hardy and resistant. Because its seeds will be greatly affected by the space environment – radiation and ultraviolet current. According to him, discussions are underway about this experiment with the Russian Academy of Sciences and with a number of private laboratories, and it is not excluded the use of a 3D biological printer in carrying out this work.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Source :” Arabs today