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كاتب ملكى: ميجان ماركل ليس لديها نية للعودة للمملكة المتحدة

Royal Writer: Megan Markle has no plans to return to the UK

A royal biographer, Megan Markle, revealed that she would never return to England, saying that she “simply did not care” what the British people thought.According to Tom, the Duchess of Sussex, 40, who has been living in a $ 14 million mansion in Montecitto, California since retiring from public service in 2020, has no plans to return to London as she considers Britain a “lost cause”. British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The commentator currently working on Megan’s biography said:Megan’s ultimate goal is unclear, but she certainly has the backing of an attempt to play an American political role. “

He continued:One reason why Britain lost to the Duchess of Sussex is, in fact, I suspect that Megan is no longer welcomed in London and has no intention of returning.

On the other hand, as the magazine puts it, it seems that rumors from Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, will not go away. Who “A new report I’m talking about Prince Harry is currently looking for extra work, and according to the magazine, Prince Harry was forced to do this because he needed extra income to cover the huge expenses of his wife, Megan Markle. Life.

But the website has confirmed that this news is just a rumor. GOSSIP COP According to an informed source, “There is no truth in the claim that Prince Harry is looking for extra work to cover the huge costs of his wife Megan Markle’s clothing and personal items. The most important members of the royal family and do not need it at any time.

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Megan Markle’s constant statements that she does not like extravagance despite being in office and is always looking for offers before buying anything are a habit she has inherited from her mother.

Prince Harry and Megan Markley