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Rumors say that "iPhone 13" will come with a feature that everyone wants!

Rumors say that “iPhone 13” will come with a feature that everyone wants!


ZDNet reports that the “iPhone 13” will be “a little thicker” than the current “iPhone 12”, and rumors say that Apple plans to significantly increase the battery capacity in the new lineup.

Technical columnist Adrian Kingsley Hughes has heard that the Pro Max’s battery capacity will rise from 3,687mAh (ampere) to 4,352mAh, and the Pro and Standard models from 2,815mAh to 3095mAh.

And even “iPhone 13 mini” will get an increase, from 2227mAh to 2406mAh. Adding that the A15 phone processor will reduce power consumption by 15 to 20%, Hughes expects the new “iPhone” to have the best battery life from the company so far.

Given that everything else about the iPhone 12 – from the camera to the screen to performance – is so good that the improvements won’t be noticeable, better battery life would be a really strong selling point, attracting both developers and switchers to the iPhone instead. From “Android”.

There was talk that the larger model was because Apple would add reverse charging capabilities, allowing owners to use their phones to power small devices like AirPods or Air Tags.

Hughes describes this idea as “stupid”, given how poor battery life is already a big complaint among iPhone users.Now that Apple has adopted wireless charging with ease, there are many options for charging your phone, headphones, and watches without plugging a cable into the equipment. mobile.

And even if the next iPhone isn’t much thicker, according to DigiTimes, the phone could make use of the thinner IPD chips, rather than the expected A15 chipset, leaving more room for larger batteries.

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Rumors about the next iPhone have swirled almost since the launch of the Model 12 in October 2020: In July 2021, leaked images of a device purported to be the iPhone 13 suggested it would have a larger camera bump with lenses placed diagonally, allowing users to take wide-angle and enlarged photos.

Other claims about the upcoming release, expected in September 2021, include a slightly larger camera “bump”, a 2.5x telephoto zoom, and an update to the ultra-wide-angle lens.

MacRumors stated that the iPhone 13 camera will have an f1.8 aperture.

Of course, since Apple hasn’t officially shared any specifications, everything about the “iPhone 13” is just speculation — even its name: a survey by used phone site SellCell found that nearly 75% of respondents believe Apple will avoid rating its next phone. A generation smartphone with the number “13”, which is considered unlucky in some cultures.