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Runner Malikova will study and train at a university in the USA

Time / Denisa Kisyalova

Many agencies and coaches from American universities have always contacted the winner of the 2018 Youth Olympics. Malikova was more interested in this possibility when her friends began to consider studying in the USA. At the European Games last year, I talked about it with javelin bomber Irina Gilarova. Malikova said in an interview with the website of the federal website.

In the new school year, a 19-year-old athlete expects change in all circumstances. “Like most people, I was going to go to a university in Prague and maybe go to a local club. I didn’t feel very excited to start a new class there,” she said.

He dreams of a coach who is tolerant and willing to be on the side of the boys

Leaving for the USA made the most sense for her. “Studying in America seems like a huge challenge to me, saying that I will benefit more than lose it. Now I am really looking forward to trying a new system of education and contact with sports. I should get a full scholarship, but I also know that it will be very difficult, at least.” From the start, however, I still have a place to go back to, as I am mainly interested in new experiences. “

She chose a technical university in Virginia. “The coach from this university reached out to me for maybe the longest ever and he was one of two coaches that suited me both in human terms and training. I felt real interest on his part. Later on, he also sent me some of his schoolwork. The charges, which helped me a lot. The final decision, “said Malikova.

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The ruling hero of the republic was also helped by a reviewer from Gilarova, who studied at this university. “I think Erica will not send me to a place where she is not satisfied with herself. I will also be a mentor if I am in trouble, because she has already tested the environment and knows what and how,” Hope praised.

Malikova broke another record. This time she starred in the junior championship on Octopus

Current coach Jana Gelnerova will at least initially participate in her training plans abroad as well and will supervise Malikova during her stay in the Czech Republic.