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'Running on the Islands': A man on horseback looks at the UK fuel crisis with a funny look

‘Running on the Islands’: A man on horseback looks at the UK fuel crisis with a funny look

A video of a British man mocking car owners at a gas station in Surrey, England, has gone viral on social media, sparking funny reactions amid the UK’s severe fuel crisis.


The dictator user, Gus Lee-Dolphin, walked on horseback at a gas station in Surrey and Thames Ditton. He joked to car owners queuing at the gas station, “I am on horseback and I don’t need petrol because it runs on the islands. “He runs on carrots, he runs on carrots, I don’t need petrol because I’m on horseback,” the dolphin says in his video.


Panic gripped the UK as it faced a fuel shortage last week after the government said there were not enough truck drivers to carry fuel to the country’s petrol stations. It was not fuel, but labor shortages that led to a week of chaos as Shell, ExxonMobil and Green Energy filled the country’s largest fuel suppliers, with videos of people fighting at gas stations on social media sites and videos of car owners being filled. Petrol. Spare bottles.

On Saturday, the UK government extended the emergency visa program for truck drivers in an effort to defuse the crisis. The Petroleum Retailers’ Association, which represents independent filling stations, told news agencies that although conditions had not improved in many areas, including London, conditions had “clearly improved”.

“The situation has worsened in London, parts of the south-east and parts of the east of England,” the BBC quoted BBC news agency Brian Maderson as saying. According to Bloomberg News, 16% of the 1,000 independent gas stations are still dry.

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