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Russia and China against the United States

The Space race It will be proposed again in the coming years to build a permanent site in the 60s and 70s Luna. This is the ultimate goal of the Artemis project and the agreement signed between the Russian and Chinese space agencies. The first step is to create one Lunar Space Station, NASA’s Gateway Answer.

Back to the Moon: The challenge begins

The report was published on the website of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos Does not provide many details, but only confirms the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese space agency CNSA, Design, construction and publishing under a International Lunar Science Institute It will orbit the moon.

The space station will be used to host scientific experiments and astronauts touching the lunar surface in the coming years. Participation is open to other countries, but the intention to challenge the Western world is clear. China has already expressed its ambitions for the study of the moon. Starting in 2030, one will be built International Lunar Research Station Near the South Pole (there must be a large reserve of frozen water), the first humans will arrive between 2036 and 2045.

Russia is currently involved in the management of the International Space Station (ISS), but has not signed bilateral agreements with Artemis because it considers the project “US-centric”. NASA has asked the Russian space agency to cooperate in the construction of the lunar gateway, especially the module Plane To the team. After reviewing the documents, the work was considered impractical. At that time, Russia decided to ally with China.

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