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Russia announces the expulsion of dozens of Western diplomats

Russia announces the expulsion of dozens of Western diplomats

She said Moscow It will expel those diplomats who belong to France, Spain and Italy.

According to the news, Moscow has asked 34 French diplomats to leave its territory within two weeks.

Moscow has given 27 Spanish diplomats “collaborating with… Spanish Embassy In Moscow and the Spanish Consulate General in Saint Petersburg” 7 days to leave the country, she explained Russian Foreign Ministry.

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said, Maria Zakharova According to Russian news agencies, Russia also decided to expel 24 Italian diplomats in retaliation, even before the Italian ambassador arrived at the Foreign Ministry after being summoned, according to AFP.

And she was France Last April, it announced the expulsion of 41 Russian diplomats who were carrying out, according to what it confirmed Pariswith espionage activities, explaining that the decision falls within the framework of “European efforts.”

I needed Russia “Severely” Wednesday, the “provocative and baseless decision of the French authorities” to expel Russian diplomats, according to the statement of the Foreign Ministry, stressing that this action “greatly harms Russian-French relations and constructive bilateral cooperation,” according to AFP.

On the other hand, I denounced French Ministry of Foreign AffairsOn Wednesday, it issued a decision to expel French diplomats, saying in a statement that “the Russian side presents this decision as a response to France’s decisions” taken in April when it expelled “dozens of Russian agents” suspected of being spies.

“The work of diplomats and employees of our embassy in Russia is otherwise entirely within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations,” she added, as reported by AFP.

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She added that French Ambassador Moscow has, Pierre Levy, was summoned to the ministry on Wednesday and handed a note stating that “34 employees of the French diplomatic missions in Russia were considered persona non grata.”

And expelled several other European countries, such as Germany and Italy andSpain Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Greece and Croatia have served as Russian diplomats since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24.
At times, the expulsions were accompanied by accusations of espionage.

Moscow has vowed to respond to these measures and has already expelled dozens of Western diplomats.

For her part, she described Italia On Wednesday, Moscow expelled European diplomats as a “hostile act”, but called for it not to cut off diplomatic channels with Russia.

And he said Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi At a press conference in Rome, “It is a hostile act, but we must avoid severing diplomatic relations.”

“This should not lead to a complete severance of diplomatic channels because if we can achieve peace, we will have achieved it through these diplomatic channels,” Draghi added.

Russian media reported that the Swedish ambassador was also summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

In this context of unprecedented tensions between the Russians and the West, city officials in Moscow proposed on Wednesday naming an as yet unnamed area in front of the US embassy in the Russian capital “Defenders Square.” Donbass“.