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Russia expresses concern over the start of 20% uranium enrichment at Iran’s Fordow facility


Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov.

Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, announced that his country is concerned that Iran has begun enriching uranium at the Fordow nuclear facility to a rate of up to 20%.

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Ulyanov said, in a press statement he made on Wednesday evening, that his country is concerned about the measure taken by Tehran, considering that it is “going too far.”

At the same time, Ulyanov noted: “It is important to understand that this happened not because of Tehran’s bad faith, but as a reaction to the irresponsible policy of maximum pressure by the United States with the imposition of cross-border sanctions and other forms of pressure on Tehran. And Tehran is resisting. And that was something that was To be expected, it wasn’t a surprise.”

He explained that Russia considers it necessary for the United States and Iran to return to the nuclear agreement in full: “The Americans must lift sanctions first, and Iran must adapt its nuclear program to the parameters of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.”

Commenting on the chances of reaching an agreement, he continued: “We proceed from the premise that this is very difficult. This can be seen when communicating with the Americans and the Iranians. It is clear that the differences are very big, both in the previous rounds and now. But we proceed from the fact that there are real opportunities to settle all something through negotiations and through diplomatic means.”

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Source: “Novosti” + agencies