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Russia: Germany's intensification of arming its army "increases the risks of escalation"

Russia: Germany’s intensification of arming its army “increases the risks of escalation”

It was announced German Ministry of DefenseLast Wednesday, 60 military transport helicopters were purchased.ChinookMade by the American company Boeing, as part of a major purchase campaign to modernize German army.

The German chancellor announced Olaf Schultzshortly after starting Russian special military operation in Ukraine In February, his country would allocate €100 billion to a special fund for its army and increase its defense spending by more than 2 percent of its gross domestic product, the minimum commitment to which NATO countries have committed and which Berlin has been slow to implement.

The ruling coalition and the main opposition party in Germanylast Sunday, to an agreement moving forward with the implementation of the plan, according to the Associated Press.

However, the German parliament has not yet approved it, but the project has become more concrete.

Officials admit that the German army has been neglected for years, while German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has told parliament that the government wants to buy Chinook helicopters.

“It has been proven, it is the pillar of European air transport, and with this model, we will strengthen our ability to cooperate in the Europe“.

And her ministry added in a statement that the plan includes the purchase of 60 helicopters.Chinook – 47 F”, without giving financial details, but the German agency said that about 5 billion euros of the 100 billion euros spending package was earmarked for the purchase.

“We have a historic opportunity now. We can make up for past failures and bring the entire army back on its feet,” Lambrecht told lawmakers during Germany’s regular budget debate.

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According to a document seen by Reuters, Berlin will spend 40.9 billion euros on development and procurement, including new aircraft of its type.Euro Fighter” And the”F-35as an alternative to aircraft tornado combat aircraft, as well as the establishment of an early warning system in space.

The document also included the allocation of 19.3 billion euros to the Navy and 16.6 billion euros to the land forces, to purchase new ships and submarines and develop an alternative to the Marder infantry fighting vehicle.