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Russia is developing unique materials to increase the safety of cosmonaut suits


Friday, 07 April 2023 04:00 PM

The Ross Cosmos Foundation announced that its subsidiaries and institutions are developing new materials that “self-heal” in the event of damage, in order to use them in manufacturing astronaut suits.

And according to what was reported by the “RT” website, on the subject, the director of the Russian “Keldysh” Research Center, Vladimir Kochlakov, said: “Within the framework of the research that is being conducted to improve the materials from which space suits are made to protect these suits from damage, our center presented proposals for the use of self-polymeric compounds. Healing with materials currently used in spacesuits.

He added, “The aforementioned research is being worked on by the Tsnemash Company of Ross Cosmos and the Russian Zvezda Research Company. We have provided Zvezda with samples of materials that have been saturated with polymeric compounds, and we have given our explanations and clarifications for the use of these materials in the manufacture of space suits, and the experts in the company, in turn, have shown interest in the principle of work.” these materials, and made suggestions about the possibility of using them as well.”

Kochlakov pointed out, “The main areas subject to damage in space suits are the gloves and places of bending, such as the elbow, for example, and once it is decided to use self-healing polymeric materials in those places, it will be necessary to modify the designs of space suits.”

Russian experts are also discussing the idea of ​​using “self-healing” polymeric materials in large space compartments or in inflatable units for the International Space Station, as these materials may protect these places from air leakage.

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