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رائدا فضاء من ناسا يقومان بالسير فى الفضاء اليوم الثلاثاء.. التفاصيل

Russia prepares for “Vostochny” airport for the launch of manned space flights

The “Ros Cosmos” Foundation announced that work is underway at the “Vostochny” airport to prepare it to be able to launch manned spacecraft, RT reported.

On the subject, the Director-General of the Infrastructure Operation Center at the airport, Ruslan Mammadzhanov, said: “Work is already underway to create the necessary infrastructure to support manned launches at the Vostochny Cosmodrome.. In order to adapt the new complex to manned flights, it will be necessary to equip this complex with technologies and structures. appropriate infrastructure.

He added, “Operations are currently underway to prepare the new Angara missile launch complex located at the airport, and large vacuum installation facilities needed to test manned vehicles have been built in this complex. “.

The Roskosmos Foundation had recently published a video clip showing the stages of construction of the levels of the new Angara missile launcher tower at Vostochny Airport, and attached the clip with a comment saying, “In July of this year, the installation of the 17 levels of the Angara missile launcher was completed. How to build the tower.

And “Vostochny” is a space rocket launch airport located in the Russian Far East, built by Russia to dispense with the “Baikonur” base from which rockets are launched in Kazakhstan, and the first launch of it was conducted in 2016.

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