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Russia shoots the first movie in space within 10 days |  Video and photos

Russia shoots the first movie in space within 10 days | Video and photos

On the fifth of next October, the world will be on a date with the launch of the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-19” into space, carrying with it the filming crew of the Russian movie “The Challenge”.

The feature film “The Challenge”, which is part of a large scientific and educational project, is part of a Russian plan to shoot a series of documentaries about missile and space industries.

The series of films aims to illustrate the idea that vehicles, spaceships and space infrastructure will become part of space travel which is gradually becoming available not only to professionals, but also to a wide range of people interested in this type of travel around the world.

# The film’s protagonists are expected to spend 12 days in the International Space Station during the filming of the film, of which 10 days will be devoted to shooting the film

Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov will lead the Soyuz spacecraft, which transports the film crew into space, while Russian cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Peter Dobrov will wait for the film crew in space, where they make the necessary preparations for filming the film at the station, including cleaning and removal work. hinder filming.

As for the production of the film, it is a joint project between the Russian state satellite Corporation “Roskosmos”, the First Channel of Russian Television and Studio “Yellow, black and whitefor production.

Special equipment for film shooting in space is designed to set up cameras and actors’ equipment

And the story of the film revolves around the role of a doctor who has nothing to do with space, who undertakes a trip to save the life of an astronaut aboard the International Station.#

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Actress Yulia Peresild, 37, plays this role.

While at the station, the actress has to do a lot of things that the assistant crew usually do, such as applying makeup, preparing clothes, and so on.

As for directing, it will be directed by Russian film director Klim Shipenko

The events of the film are filmed in two parts, the first on Earth, and the second about the mission in space.

As for the flight personnel, it is expected that the director and director of photography and lighting will travel to space, while the heroine of the film will act and do makeup

The crew has undergone a series of exercises inside one of the Russian space facilities since last May, and they have tried the food that astronauts eat at the station, and the atmosphere of life inside it.

With a director, actress and director of photography.. Russian cinema shoots the first movie in space in 10 days