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Russia shot down a Western armored plane ... and dropped bombs near Kiev

Russia shot down a Western armored plane … and dropped bombs near Kiev

Yesterday, Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that its troops had shot down a large arms-loaded Ukrainian military cargo ship sent to Ukraine by Western nations. Within 24 hours of attacking the capital, Isyam shot down a Su-25 fighter jet south of the city, destroying 67 concentration areas for Ukrainian military components and equipment. A major military operation in eastern Ukraine, the Russian Special Forces operation, which entered its 52nd day yesterday, according to US estimates, will last for several months until the end of this year, while the German government has announced its plans to express its fears over the length and high casualties of the fighting in Ukraine. Amid complaints from Kyiv that it did not receive heavy weapons from Berlin, it released more than a billion euros in military aid to Ukraine.

Moscow announced on Saturday that it had banned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and several other officials from entering the United Kingdom in response to London’s sanctions on officials in Russia. The situation in Ukraine continues with the supply of dangerous weapons to Kiev and the coordination of its efforts with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries in this regard.

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