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Russia targets Lviv and is trying to advance in Donetsk

Russia targets Lviv and is trying to advance in Donetsk

With the Russian military operation continuing for the third month in a row, the Ukrainian Army Staff announced that the Russian forces are trying to advance along the line of contact in the eastern Donetsk region, with the support of Sukhoi-35 fighters.

Today, Tuesday, the Army Staff added that the Russian forces are carrying out missile strikes on military and civilian infrastructure in both areas group Chernihiv and Sumi.

Preventing the progress of the Ukraine

The General Staff also stated that the efforts of the Russian forces in the direction of Kharkiv are focused on “maintaining their positions and preventing the advance of Ukrainian forces towards the border.”

And it indicated that the Russian forces targeted with artillery, members of the Ukrainian army, according to the Ukrainian News Agency.

From Mariupol (Reuters)

The commission also indicated that the Russian army is focusing on repelling the Ukrainian forces near the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

256 Ukrainian soldiers surrender

The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that 256 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered in the past 24 hours in Mariupol.

This came after the Ukrainian army stressed on Tuesday that it was working to evacuate all remaining forces in its last stronghold in the besieged coastal city, giving up control of the city to Russia after months of Russian bombing.

Russian soldiers in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine (archive - AFP)

Russian soldiers in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine (archive – AFP)

It is noteworthy that Lviv, which is located about 70 kilometers from the Polish border, became a starting point for the Ukrainians displaced with the start of the Russian military operation on February 24, and hosted more than 200,000 internally displaced persons in a city of more than 700,000 people.

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The city has also become the temporary home of several media organizations and embassies, which had to relocate from Kyiv before returning earlier this month.

While Donetsk (the part outside the control of Ukraine) declared its independence, and Luhansk was recognized by Russia and asked for support against the Ukrainian forces, after which the Russian military operation began.