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Virgin Orbit reveals plans for its first UK release

Russia tests new engines for future space rockets

Russian media announced that experts in the country have begun testing new engines intended for promising light space rockets, and a statement issued by the Russian company (NTI) on the subject stated, “Russian scientists have conducted successful tests on new engines intended for ultra-light space rockets. These engines also can It is used with the promising space locomotive that Russia is developing.”

According to the “RT” website, the development of these engines comes as part of the Cosmos 2.0 project that experts are working on in the country, which aims to develop new space rockets capable of transporting payloads of up to 250 kg to near-Earth orbits.

For his part, CEO of the Russian company (VNKH-Energo), Igor Volopov, said: “Our experts are collaborating with specialists from the Russian Baltic State University to develop and test new space engines for space rockets. This year, we succeeded in testing a liquid hydrogen engine for upper stages of rockets. Aerospace, experiments proved the superiority of this type of engine over conventional engines that run on liquid fuel.

“The main advantage in the new engines currently being tested is that they can operate smoothly at altitudes close to the Earth and in space as well, and they are designed in a special way so that they do not pollute the surrounding elements during their operation,” Volopov pointed out.

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